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  • 14 PEOPLE - 7 TEAMS - 1 IDEA: Create something different.

    The creative process can be very insular. No matter whether you're a fine artist, a designer, a developer or a writer, coming up with - and executing - ideas can be a lonely process involving just you and your imagination.

    We believe that great minds really do think alike... no matter how different they are. By inviting seven pairs of creatives from diverse fields to work together, we're challenging them to look past their vastly different creative processes and skill sets and concentrate instead on what they do best - being creative. The resulting collaborative artworks could be disasterous, or they could be truly mind-blowing, but what they definitely won't be is boring.

  • Seven With Another: SEVENTH EDITION
  • Emily Devers(fine artist)
    Emily Devers (fine artist)

    Emily is a collaborative interdisciplinary visual artist and curator who hunts out and ignites opportunities that enrich both her practice and her relationships with other human beings.

    As well as establishing herself as an independent emerging visual artist, curator, arts mentor, workshop facilitator and arts writer, she is also co-owner and co-creative director of independent business Frank + Mimi. Visually informed by the tradition of sign painting and hand crafted type, Frank + Mimi references a time in history when local businesses visually identified themselves by the soul of an artist’s brush, with everything being hand drawn, hand painted and hand made.

    Emily’s personal practice also shares a strong focus on the hand made, and is constantly evolving as she moves from illustration, painting and printmaking to audio visual installation and site specific works. Her work is often informed by a strong idea or common theme, however she is always open to the opportunities that manifest from happy accidents.

    Leo Yip(industrial designer)
    Leo Yip (industrial designer)

    Like most children, Leo played with Lego, cardboard, masking tape and whatever else he could get his hands onto to create whatever his imagination allowed him to conceive.

    After spending his high school years gearing his future towards a science based profession his life was changed when he stumbled across a television show about Industrial Designers.He quickly switched degrees and completed a Bachelor of Built Environment majoring in Industrial Design.

    After a number of years as a practicing industrial designer Leo wanted to control his creative career and pursue projects that interested him. In 2009 he and his business partner Steve Barry setup Heluva, a business based on taking their own design ideas and turning them into a commercial reality. Following a number of successful products they decided to turn their hand towards custom motorcycles and officially gave rise to Ellaspede in 2012.

    Working out of his West End warehouse Leo and his colleagues sketch, design, prototype, produce, promote and sell their creations.

    Kinetic Wonder Emily Devers (fine artist) + Leo Yip (industrial designer)

    Intrinsic to all of us is the flow and rhythm of the earth, the galaxy, the psyche.

    As we peak and wane through life, every seven years we inherently reassess.

    In a forgotten corner, a dormant nymph lies waiting.

    As you turn the crank, you witness the metamorphosis of one of nature’s most curious oddities, living in a dynamo marvel of the past.

    A creature that sings on the cusp of transformation - a perfect symbol of this universal cycle.

  • Erin Lightfoot(textile designer)
    Erin Lightfoot (textile designer)

    Erin is an artist and designer who specialises in contemporary textile prints for jewellery. Her signature is the application of abstract, geometric designs onto smooth, minimal porcelain forms.

    Having trained in both fashion and graphic design, Erin took a side step into ceramics shortly after graduating and launched her self titled Erin Lightfoot label in 2011. Since that time her work has been featured in a variety of publications including Vogue Australia, Frankie and Peppermint Magazine, and is stocked in Australia, the USA, Hong Kong and Japan.

    All the porcelain work for her label is crafted by Erin in her Brisbane studio with meticulous attention to handforming, polishing, patterning and glazing. The result is stunning, with each piece handcrafted in limited edition to retain its exclusive identity.

    Hailey Bartholomew(film-maker / photographer)
    Hailey Bartholomew (film-maker / photographer)

    Hailey is an award winning filmmaker and photographer. Along with her husband, Andrew, she runs a successful film and photography company working internationally to create everything from videos for AID organisations and TV commercials for Suncorp, Guzman Y Gomez and Philips, to producing family portraits, documentaries and promo videos.

    When not being hired by other people, the pair work passionately on their own projects, including a book and documentary on gratitude called ‘365 grateful’ and a book and short film for kids called ‘Ruby Who?’.

    Hailey has also written, directed and filmed several award-winning short films, with ‘Ruby Who?’ receiving world-wide attention, winning ‘Audience Award’ at the Brooklyn International Kids Film Festival, USA and ‘Best International Family Short’ at the Garden State Film Festival, USA. She is passionate about communicating positivity, colour, hope and joy and constantly excited by the film medium's great capacity to inspire and be a catalyst for change.

    Seventh Erin Lightfoot (textile designer) + Hailey Bartholomew (film-maker / photographer)

    To get to this idea we walked through seven great ideas... each one we mused over and mulled. We had weekly meetings with yet more ideas!

    However this piece is a collection of all these ideas. Part street art, part photography, part digital artwork and part film, part collection of childhood and nostalgia, part fun and play this installation is about history and seeing the
    child within.

    Using Erin’s gorgeous childlike pattern as a backdrop we are asking people around Brisbane for a story from when they were seven years old. Setting up a very portable studio and literally walking around town with it. The results are a series of large montage images and a short film with the stories collected.

  • Adam Meisenhelter(maker)
    Adam Meisenhelter (maker)

    Adam began his career as a maker / designer, when he was just a little lad. Hand cutting and shaping miniature Adam began his career as a maker / designer, when he was just a little lad hand cutting and shaping miniature cricket bats so he could play cricket inside the house.

    From that early age he knew he wanted to design and produce things with his hands. After school he finished a Bachelor of Built Environment in Industrial Design and then went on to do an apprenticeship in Fine Furniture making to hone his skills.

    Always keen to learn new techniques, Adam became involved in the design and production of high end museum fitouts with Brandi Exhibitions and more recently has worked for Sky Sports in the UK as a set and props maker. Two years ago Adam set up his own company - doppel factory - where he specialises in the design, construction and installation of premium exhibitions, sets and props, and unique furniture and joinery. Adam has had pieces featured in The Australian Woodworkers,, Green and artichoke magazines. When not working as a maker/designer he is obsessed with his new hobby of crafting home made beers.

    Zenon Kohler(VFX director)
    Zenon Kohler (VFX director)

    Zenon has always had a passion for filmmaking. He made short films at high school, directed a feature length student film at Uni, and was a Tropfest finalist both years he entered (2000 and 2007). Over the last 15 years he has worked in varying capacities on a variety of productions including animated and live-action short films, numerous ABC and SBS documentaries, television commercials, TV series and feature films.

    As one-third of Wickham Park Productions’ director/producer/writer team, Zenon’s spare time is spent working on their slate of projects including a comedy TV series and an animated feature film. After winning Screen Queensland’s Chauvel Award in 2011, Wickham Park Productions have developed a market-ready feature script adaptation of John Birmingham’s cult novel “The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco”, with plans to shoot in early 2014.

    Zenon is currently employed as a director and VFX supervisor/art director at Cutting Edge and was recently included in Australian Creative magazine’s 20 Power Creatives of 2013.

    Seventh Adam Meisenhelter (maker) + Zenon Kohler (VFX director)

    In a last-ditch attempt to appeal to the younger generation of a consumerist society, the Catholic Church replaces the archaic ritual of rosary beads and prayer with seven soul-saving soft drink flavours.

    Sponsored by Amerind and Australian Sheet Traders.

  • Chris Bennie(multimedia artist)
    Chris Bennie (multimedia artist)

    Chris is an award-winning video, sound and installation artist. His solo exhibitions include Five Films of Fortuitous Frivolous Fervent, The Wandering Room, Brisbane (2012); A Wee Sunset, Linden Contemporary Art Centre, Melbourne (2010); Jordie, Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia Project Space, Adelaide (2009); Chris Bennie Doctorate of Visual Art Exhibition, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane (2009); and Slower, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane (2003).

    He has also participated in national and international exhibitions including SafARI, Alaska Projects, Sydney (2012); New Psychedelia, University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane (2011); Photo LA, Los Angeles (2010), Biennale of Sydney: Revolutions – Forms That Turn, Sydney (2008); Contemporary Australia: Optimism, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane (2008);New Work 3, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth, (2007); and +Plus Factors, Australian Centre of Contemporary Art, Melbourne (2006).

    Chris’s work features in public collections nationally including the University of Queensland Art Museum, and he currently lectures at Griffith University Queensland College of Art.

    Drew der Kinderen(performing artist / director)
    Drew der Kinderen (performing artist / director)

    Drew is a Brisbane based director and theatre maker. In 2008 he was accepted into the Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre Internship Program as an intern director and has gone on to become one of the Associate Directors and Principal Instructors with the company. In 2013, Drew will be entering the role of Resident Director.

    Drew’s directing credits include Away (2003), Blood Wedding (2008), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2009), Antigone (2009), and an adaptation of Othello entitled Iago’s Web (2009). In 2010 he directed The Bacchae, an adaptation of The Tempest, and the devised piece, Hello Spaceboy for the Queensland Arts Council for touring throughout Queensland. Drew’s devised pieces include Stickybeak (2005) The Poetry of Deceit (2007) and What the Dead Hold Back (2008). He has also worked as Assistant Director and performer in Zeitgeist (2008), and as Assistant Director and Set Designer on the Matilda Award winning production of The Tempest (2009). In 2013, he will direct Medea: The River Runs Backwards, for the In the Raw season.

    The Vapour Phase Chris Bennie (multimedia artist) + Drew der Kinderen (performing artist / director)

    We have collaborated to develop a new video performance project. Combining our existing skills in video art and physical theatre the artists have produced a short film of a Butoh-inspired performance shot in studio number three at Brisbane’s iconic Old Museum.

    The Vapour Phase is an elegant document of a stylized performance based on the number seven and filmed under the dramatic effect of late afternoon sun in studio 3. The project has been edited in a way that highlights the figures contorted movements and the studios lighting rather than the performances’ narrative. The resulting film is an extension of the performance and is a fragmented and psychological study of a body in contorted motion.

  • Luke Mansini(musician)
    Luke Mansini (musician)

    Luke is a Brisbane based singer/songwriter/pianist who has never had any formal musical training, His inspirations are broad and eclectic and extend across many genres from alternative folk to R&B. Always drawn to soulfulness and depth, creative brilliance and emotional honesty, Luke eventually arrived at a sort of cross-fertilization of musical genres… a unique combination of contemporary pop and soulful, melodic, acoustic influences.

    In 2009, Luke collaborated with Hugh Middleton forming the Indigo Kids. The acoustic/folk duo performed regularly around Brisbane venues and finally at the Woodford Folk Festival in 2010. At this point, Luke decided to focus on his own singer-songwriting and the development of visual concepts which evolved into his latest music/art projects. Luke’s debut tracks and film clips released in 2012 convey the sensitivity, strength and complexity of a unique Australian artist.

    Recognition of Luke’s raw talent was recently confirmed in his appearance on The Voice 2013.

    Mimsy Gleeson(tattoo artist)
    Mimsy Gleeson (tattoo artist)

    Mimsy’s Trailer Trash Tattoo was established in Brisbane in 2007 as a family owned business and was run from her home studio until June 2012, when she expanded her operation to a larger premises in Archerfield.

    There she has created what she believes to be one the most beautiful spaces for tattooing there is, and incorporates a static display of vintage caravans/trailers and related furniture and vintage Australian outdoor paraphernalia in the large factory space attached. One of these trailers, her 1959 Sunliner, is possibly Australia's only registered approved mobile tattoo van which Mimsy occasionally takes out to hotrod and music festivals, and tattoo conventions to bring a bit of her amazing style and beautiful tattooing to those who can't normally get to her.

    Mimsy has definitely created her own tattoo style, which is well known within the rockabilly and kustom culture scene. She draws inspiration from Sailor Jerry’s designs, but adds a certain prettiness that only Mimsy could, using bold outlines and colours that pop.

    High Ground Luke Mansini (musician) + Mimsy Gleeson (tattoo artist)

    Through music and tattoo inspired mediums we have collaborated to create a short film/animation/diorama with a common theme of the seven seas.

    Luke began the process by writing and recording a ballad style song using the sea as a metaphor for heartbreak and love. Mimsy replied by creating paintings/illustrations in her tattoo style interpreting the song as she felt and heard it. Using Luke’s song as a soundtrack, Mimsy brought her paintings to life in a filmed diorama set performance. Mimsy’s bright playful characters are a beautiful contrast to Luke’s sad and haunting soundtrack.

  • Kory McAvoy(art director)
    Kory McAvoy (art director)

    Kory spent several years working as an art director at Brisbane’s top multinational ad agencies and is now in charge of all things 'creative' at Engine, an independent agency based in Fortitude Valley. Her work has been recognised at numerous local, national and international award shows including the W3 awards, AWARD, BADC, the Australian Effies and the desktop create:awards. (If you watch the Gruen Transfer you may have seen the winning ‘Pitch’ idea she created with the SapientNitro team).

    Over the years Kory’s unique visual style and anything’s-possible thinking has helped some of Queensland’s biggest clients, RSPCA, VirginBlue, V Australia, The Gold Coast Suns, Brisbane Marketing, Nature’s Own, TerryWhite Chemist, SuperCheap Auto, Footlocker, Tourism QLD, Dreamworld, Subway, Cenovis, The Sunday Mail, University of the Sunshine Coast and many many more.

    When Kory isn’t playing in adland (building brands and making shit pretty), she is working hard on her plot to harvest raticorns and take over the world one sparkle at a time.

    Deanne Mayocchi(fashion designer)
    Deanne Mayocchi (fashion designer)

    Once upon a time... well, actually in 2001, the search for the perfect dress turned into a labour of love for Deanne Mayocchi. Frustrated that she couldn't find what she was looking for Deanne put her design expertise into action, got all creative and soon after, Maiocchi the label was born. The end result was a range of timeless garments that are instantly recognisable.

    Women from all over the Land of Oz were suddenly aflutter for the flattering styles of Maiocchi's frocks and word spread quickly about their charming prints and quirky little details. Amidst all the excitement, Maiocchi opened their first boutique in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley much to the delight of local admirers.

    With a hardworking and dedicated team, together with a loyal following of ladies from all over the land, the company has continued to grow and grow. There are now three Maiocchi boutiques in Brisbane, over 60 wholesale customers throughout the country and of course online from where we ship out beautiful dresses to wonderful women all over the world.

    Seventh Kory McAvoy (art director) + Deanne Mayocchi (fashion designer)

    As you’d expect fashion design and advertising are very different. So we searched for the things that united us. Fortunately, we didn’t have to look too far to discover them.

    Firstly, we both have a love of making beautiful things for people.

    Secondly, we both have at times had to produce these beautiful things to pretty crazy deadlines.

    So, we decided what’s another crazy deadline? Let’s put the ultimate pressure on ourselves for this project and see what happens.

    70 balls of wool. 7 colours. 7 hours.

    Sponsored by Woolmark Company and The Campaign for Wool.

  • Marianne Harvey(copywriter)
    Marianne Harvey (copywriter)

    Marianne likes to create advertising that doesn’t make people want to tear their eyes out.

    Her work has been recognised at shows like Cannes, One Show and AWARD and she was also ranked the 19th young creative in the world. But now that she’s 33 and getting on, she can’t say that for much longer.

    Career highlights usually involve Marianne using her powers for good. She was behind a global campaign for autism called ‘Communication Shutdown’ as well as the ‘Earphone Bully’ work that was shortlisted at last year’s Cannes Grand Prix for Good. She also worked on the Foot Locker Art Prize that saw a young artist walk away with $50,001, trumping the Archibald Prize by a dollar.

    In her spare time, Marianne works on her own brand of cycling apparel, White Line Fever, where she’s free to play and approve her own ideas.

    The top 3 things that are important in her working life are knowing the value of persistence, having a ‘f#ck it why not’ attitude, and remembering to never become an ad wanker.

    Paul Owen(architect)
    Paul Owen (architect)

    Paul is co-founder of the Brisbane based architectural studio Owen and Vokes and Peters. The practice undertakes private house commissions, boutique commercial and institutional work and furniture design – as well as writing and teaching.

    OVP’s area of practice is that of the low density Australian suburb so the work is informed by recognition of the virtues and problems of that field. The practice seeks appropriateness rather than novelty, with each work taking the form of a subtle innovation incrementally building upon a lineage of works.

    Paul thinks perhaps architects are conducting a form of research, and that their projects could be said to test their design approach. Accordingly OVP’s design position and ideas are generated implicitly via ongoing “field observations” and dialogue in a single-room studio.

    In recent years Paul has designed small furniture pieces inspired by practical domestic needs. He has a particular interest in the ability to self-make furniture prototypes for quick / direct exhibition and sale – thereby testing local market responses independently of commercial modes.

    The Cloud Marianne Harvey (copywriter) + Paul Owen (architect)

    It turns out seeing images in clouds is a thing. It’s called pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon where people are fascinated by ambiguous stimuli. This piece melds the old tradition of spotting images in clouds, with the
    random stimuli in the virtual cloud today.

    There are seven images to put your pareidolia to the test.

    Lol cat
    Justin Bieber
    UFO sighting
    Singing goat

    Marianne and Paul would like to thank Justin Overell ( for creating the projections and Nick Flutter ( for constructing the cloud.

    Artwork priced: $1900. For selling enquiries please email

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  • Seven With Another: SIXTH EDITION
  • Masayo Yasuki(fashion designer)
    Masayo Yasuki (fashion designer)

    Masayo Yasuki arrived in Australia as a marketing student and immediately upon getting her degree, decided that she didn’t want to work in formal marketing and instead wanted to pursue her ambitions in fashion and use her marketing skills there.

    Armed with a second hand Singer and a stack of pattern-making and design books, Masayo started selling her dogstar label at various markets around Brisbane. Before long a following grew and she moved into a retail business in Fortitude Valley. This soon led to starting a City boutique in the premier street position in Elizabeth Arcade. Since then, three more stores have opened in Brisbane. One at South Bank, one in Paddington and a new city store in Edward Street.

    As the label became more well-known, dogstar expanded its horizons into wholesale, and now stocks over fifty outlets from Perth to Port Douglas, Cairns to Christchurch Masayo has also recently started a new ready to wear label specifically aimed at the overseas market. The label now in production is called PAPERSHADOW and recently made its debut at the Hong Kong fashion week in July of 2012.

    Future plans are to expand the labels and their base within Australia and overseas.

    Laura Pascoe(architect)
    Laura Pascoe (architect)

    For Laura, design is about creating beautiful and useful objects, images and spaces. Her goal is that with each design she can create valuable, exciting and enjoyable experiences for people.

    Pattern, texture and colour are endless sources of inspiration for her, particularly those found in unusual places, from Japanese paper and fabrics through to Spanish tiles.

    She is passionate about the environment and our responsibility for it and, architecturally, is interested in the choreography of light and shade and the integration of textures and materials (particularly natural ones) into a design.

    She believes the composition of these things can have a great effect on how we experience a space.

    Sixth Masayo Yasuki (fashion designer) + Laura Pascoe (architect)

    The theme six is expressed in the shape of the faceted surround. An elegant intersection of equilateral triangular prisms.

    We begun the process by exploring our shared interests. We found common ground in the re-use of found objects & materials, creating something beautiful out of something ugly or mundane, and in the affect changing light has on a space.

    The result is a combination of our two design fields, a piece that is wearable & inhabitable. The giant kaleidoscope of sorts explores changing light & colour on a confined space for one viewer. A personal space of discovery, it uses recycled materials all coming from our work environment & network.

    Cardboard from Masayo’s fashion house.
    Glass from a building site that Laura is working on at the moment.
    Acrylic pieces, off-cuts from a sign writer.
    Timber from demolition of a friend’s house.

  • Sue-Ching Lascelles(soft-sculpture artist)
    Sue-Ching Lascelles (soft-sculpture artist)

    The universe of Sue-Ching Lascelles is one which is both commonplace and out of place at the same time. She dreams like a juvenile delinquent of two separate worlds, a place where childhood obsessions are validated in the transition to adulthood. It’s a universe where make-and-do marry the outlines of reality and then smudges those outlines a little bit, making it hard to tell where the ordinary ends and the extraordinary begins.

    Following her studies in Visual Art at the University of Southern Queensland in 2000, Sue-Ching has worked as both a textile designer and graphic designer. She began to focus on her art practice five years ago when she became an artist-in-residence at Jugglers Art Space (Fortitude Valley). Sue-Ching has held six solo shows which has seen her installing her work into Platform in Melbourne and the Vault at Bundaberg Regional Arts Gallery. She was a participant in the Arc Biennial Art Walk in 2007, and more recently was selected to participate in SafARI, a fringe event which coincides with the Biennale of Sydney. Sue-Ching was a finalist of the Melbourne Textile Art Guild Annual Prize in 2007 and a semi-finalist in the Nescafe Big Break Awards in 2000.

    Tristan Houghton(director)
    Tristan Houghton (director)

    Tristan has been learning, shooting, directing and editing films for over 15 years. He started his career making skate films - locally and internationally - before joining mainstream production houses. Tristan has directed TVCs for a varied client base, including the Australian Baseball League, Subway, Brisbane International Film Festival, Brumby Bakery and Golden Casket Lotteries. He also plays the steel drums and has grabbed a 12ft crocodile's tail - and survived.

    Electroreception Sue-Ching Lascelles (soft-sculpture artist) + Tristan Houghton (director)

    What started as a dream and escalated into a nightmare, eventually awoke to an idea for this collaborative project. A psychedelic shark attack.

    Using the idea that as human beings our sixth sense and intuition can be found in dreams, nightmares, premonitions and visions, this project took the vision from a dream and traversed it into the scientific realm. As it happens, sharks also share a sixth sense that enables them to sense electromagnetic fields in the sea.

    This project draws from both inspirations and unites the two through the use of sculpture and film in this site-specific installation.

    Tristan is a Gold Coast based film maker, surfer and lover of the ocean. Sue-Ching is a Brisbane based installation artist who hates the beach and fears the sea. This project is the result of when love and hate, passions and dreams collide.

    Artwork priced: $900

  • Sam McHardy(programmer/mathematician)
    Sam McHardy (programmer/mathematician)

    For a long time Sam was immersed in an academic environment, when suddenly he became immersed in a creative one through a number of fortuitous events. He was converted once and for all and has been the lead developer at Josephmark ever since, offering his ability to develop across platforms, visualise and bring together seamless integration for the past six years. He has a desire to explore and find solutions, with an eye for detail and an ever-increasing appreciation of design informed by working closely with talented, creative and energetic individuals from varying fields, all of whom have been a great inspiration. He cites the opportunity to continually push his boundaries as a most rewarding experience.

    Outside of JM, Sam has a wide range of interests including photography, electronics, programming and space -- all of which are areas that are advancing at a rapid pace and all of which have ties back to mathematics.

    Andy Monks(illustrator)
    Andy Monks (illustrator)

    Andy grew up in various cities along the east coast of Australia and spent most of his time in the car drawing monsters and trying not to get motion sickness. After high school, he got rejected by all of the major art colleges, so studied the 'new' field of digital art at TAFE in the early '90s, while jamming along to Nirvana and Faith No More. After graduating he worked commercially in advertising, print, multimedia, TV and film as an illustrator, graphic designer and 3D animator.

    Six years ago, he decided it was time to stop waiting for his personal art career to magically take off and make it happen. He moved back to Brisbane and began re-inventing himself. Over the next few years success began to slowly build, and his work has now been recognised worldwide, with exhibitions in the USA, Japan and Australia.
    In addition to expressing himself creatively through his art, he also now consults with creatives and businesses to help them achieve success whilst following their passion.

    The Great Shrimpini Sam McHardy (programmer/mathematician) + Andy Monks (illustrator)

    ‘Such a noisy beautiful planet’, thinks the alien who is the 6th son of the 6th son, from the 6th planet in the 6th system.

    The thought waves beaming from this little planet, like bullets firing across the universe, makes what his Race once called ‘The Gift’ feel more like a curse.

    His strength of will and mind make him the prime contender for the mission, but it didn’t quite prepare him for the sudden loss of power to the craft as he entered the blue and green planet’s orbit.

    Trying to contain the panic he guides the rapidly plummeting craft towards the blue parts of the planet, hoping the environment will sustain him much like his home planet’s.

    The impact renders his ship unusable, and with a cracked hull starts to sink slowly. He only has a moment to realise the vastness of this ocean, without knowing what its depths contain, he can’t risk chasing his ship to the bottom. He sets about salvaging what he can. Emergency homing beacon activated and deployed, only to watch it sink at a faster rate than the ship, his hope of communication with home vanishes. Escaping with only a translation module he triggers the ship’s self destruct and swims off into the blackness of the ocean. He soon meets up with local aquatic life, they are strangely familiar yet primitive, their minds are peaceful til a huge net descends to capture all of them, the little alien included.

    Dumped on the deck of the ship, the minds of these giants are fearful and surprised at his presence, one mind cuts through like a dark knife as it grabs him from the deck, dumping him in a murky tank.

    Afraid and alone he seeks a network to communicate with home. Discovering Twitter, he reaches out hoping to connect with the warm minds in the sea of fear.

    Now a slave, paraded from town to town as a ‘Carnival Attraction’, a freak with a gift. He can read your mind, sending cryptic messages that he hopes will reach his home.

    No one knows his real name so they call him...
    ‘The Great Shrimpini, the All-Knowing, All Seeing, Crustacean of The Cosmos!’

    Sponsored by: Alchemy Funhouse.

  • Jason Bird(product designer)
    Jason Bird (product designer)

    Jason Bird graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Built Environment) and a Graduate Diploma in Industrial Design with distinction from Queensland University of Technology.

    His career in luminaire design began at one of Australia's largest commercial architectural lighting manufacturers. In 1995 he relocated to the USA, where among other projects, he designed for BK Lighting, Lucifer Lighting as well as being commissioned to design a track lighting range for Prescolite, part of a US Fortune 150 company. Upon returning to Australia in 1998, Jason again worked in architectural lighting, leading an internal design team. Here he combined high-tech production processes with innovative design techniques to produce products for both the Australian and international markets. Jason founded his own design studio, Acidlight in 2001 before helping to establish a lighting manufacturing and sales office in San Francisco, California in 2004. After running and building this business for over two years Jason determined that the time was right to return to Australia in order to establish his own luminaire & object studio – Luxxbox – which he runs to this day. He has had work commissioned by Google and Ridley Scott, to name just two, and is the winner of multiple international awards.

    Matt Emmerson(creative)
    Matt Emmerson (creative)

    Matt is co-owner, art director and ‘HeHoopla’ at local boutique advertising agency, The Hoopla Family. He started his career in advertising 15 years ago and worked at agencies big and small in Brisbane and London before starting The Hoopla Family in 2007. Highly awarded and with a wealth of experience working on a range of brands including Colorado,, QueensPlaza, Barclays, Conrad Jupiters, Tourism Queensland, Brisbane Writers Festival, TransLink and too many others to name. He divides his time between doing great work for clients, creating great beer under his own ‘Bob Beer’ label, and being a great dad to his daughter.

    The BarbieQue Jason Bird (product designer) + Matt Emmerson (creative)

    Matt: Hi I’m Matt
    Jason: Hi I’m Jason
    Matt: What the hell should we do?
    Jason: Yeah, I don’t know, any ideas.
    Matt: Nup.
    Jason: Hmmm.
    Matt: What do you like?
    Jason: Making cool stuff.
    Matt: Yeah, I love cool stuff.
    Jason: I love chairs.
    Matt: I love chairs too.
    Jason: Cool.
    Matt: Maybe we should make a chair.
    Jason: Yeah, maybe.
    Matt: What do you hate?
    Jason: Barbie dolls.
    Matt: Yeah, so do I.
    Jason: Mattel set the feminist movement back years by producing that piece
    of plastic junk. Just another example of white male corporate oppression.
    Matt: Yeah.
    Jason: Wish we could melt them.
    Matt: With an electric chair.
    Jason: Yeah. Let’s make an electric chair.
    Matt: Yeah. Let’s make it Barbie pink.
    Jason: Yeah. Or we could make glow with pink neon.
    Matt: That would be so cool.
    Jason: So cool.
    Matt: Alright, that’s sorted.
    Jason: Fully sorted.
    Matt: What about the 6 thing?
    Jason: Oh yeah.
    Matt: Don’t worry, we’ll just wing it
    Jason: Ok.

  • Sem Han(animator)
    Sem Han (animator)

    A talented animator/illustrator, Sem began his love affair with everything drawn in 2006 when he began illustrating for children’s books and magazines in Korea. Graduating with a degree in Visual Communication Design from Hoing-ik University in South Korea in 2008, Sem teamed up with Sheldon Lieberman from Bigfish to direct and animate the ‘Little Frog’ series of animated songs for children aged 2 to 5. The series has gone on to be screened at the Anima Mundi International Animation Festival (Brazil), the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film, and the Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival, where it won the Jury Special Prize.

    Following the success of ‘Little Frog’ Sem has gone on to design the Oven Break iPhone application, which was one of the Top 8 paid apps worldwide. In 2011 he moved to Brisbane, Australia, where he now brings his many talents to Bigfish full-time.

    Dania Cornelius(vocalist)
    Dania Cornelius (vocalist)

    A graduate of the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Dania has been a core member of Opera Queensland’s chorus performing in over 30 productions singing both operatic and concert repertoire. In 2009 she performed the roles of the mother and the witch in Opera Queensland’s chamber opera Hansel & Gretel and from 2008-2012 has been performing, teaching, workshop facilitator and tour manager of Opera Queensland’s Education Program Moving Opera!. She has performed to the highest level with solo performances at Queensland’s Parliament House, the Queensland Performing Arts Complex, Queensland Conservatorium of Music, and outdoor gala events such as the Brisbane River Festival, International Women’s Day, Brisbane Festival and Woodford Folk Festival.

    Dania’s solo performances aren’t limited to the classical stage. Her interests expand into a myriad of other musical genres including world music, cabaret, jazz, and musical theatre. However, she has a particular interest in experimental avant-garde music and indulges this passion whenever possible.

    BATH O Sem Han (animator) + Dania Cornelius (vocalist)

    Inspired by the histrionic art and exaggerated richness of the operatic stage, animator Sem Han collaborated with opera singer Dania Cornelius to create an extraordinary animation. The fixed set is populated by characters straight from an Asian cartoon. Adorable and energetic, they appear the antithesis of Dania Cornelius’s haunting music. However, Sem Han’s characters appealing exterior belies their somewhat sinister actions — they are like the night monsters of children’s dreams. Trapped within the script, Sem Han’s characters helplessly loop through their movements, again and again. Constantly striving and yet achieving nothing. Inspired by Sem Han’s six characters, Dania Cornelius’s sound track, masterfully engineered by Guy Webster, was composed by
    layering six voices to create an eerie and affecting soundscape. She has given each voice a word, onomatopoeic in nature, from which the sound grows or is inspired. There is no beginning and no end so the viewer becomes trapped in the fantastical set.

  • Adam Head(maker)
    Adam Head (maker)

    Adam Head specialises in design and construction for retail spaces. He also specialises in production design, art direction, set design, conceptual designs and model making for feature films, television production, commercials and film clips.

    Some of the films on which Adam has been Production Designer include The Reef, Blurred and the Love of Lionel's Life. He was Art Director on Crocodile Hunter- Collision Course, Disney's a Ring of Endless Light, Cubbyhouse, See No Evil, Paperback Hero and Greensails. Adam has also been Art Director on numerous overseas and local TV commercials as well as film clips.

    Adam’s company, Head's Up Film Services, has designed and built a number of commercial fitouts including the Once Upon a Time corner for State Library of Queensland, the backdrop and sculptures for Vienna Orchestra at QPAC and the new reception fitout for Publicis Mojo advertising.

    Mark Lobo(photographer)
    Mark Lobo (photographer)

    Mark Lobo is a photographer that finds his inspiration through the people that surround him, travel and through his many side projects. Von Vintage, his current project, is a film photography series which takes a look at the keepsakes of the past, remembered through the eyes of a dying media. Using old vintage film cameras, his images appear almost timeless - photographs that could have been shot half a century ago, or yesterday.

    Often bringing his studio out on location, he combines technical precision and natural expression to form his well recognised and colourful style. Playing off the surrounding environment and the genuine nature of his subjects, the result is both spontaneous and polished.

    In 2012, Mark continues to photograph both commercially and for the Von Vintage project, exhibiting and selling his prints online.

    Dimensions Adam Head (maker) + Mark Lobo (photographer)

    In developing this piece, Adam and Mark sought to explore and express their shared aesthetic interests—ranging from vintage design to the creative application of optical illusion techniques.

    Inspired by 3D lenticular prints (in which morphing effects are created by displaying different images as the print is viewed from different angles), this sculpture uses movement, light and reflection to offer a constantly changing
    visual experience that transitions though moments of clarity and chaos.

    A further responsive element has been introduced to lift the viewer’s experience from passive observer to an active participant in this process of change. Photographing the sculpture with flash, or using longer exposure
    times, will reveal unique perspectives hidden from the naked eye. The audience is invited to become creators and, in doing so, to capture the fleeting and unrepeatable results of their interaction.

  • Paula Walden(jewellery designer)
    Paula Walden (jewellery designer)

    Paula is an inspired Brisbane native known for her thought-provoking brand of jewellery. She studied Interior Design, Fine Jewellery Trade and a Fine Arts Degree in Fashion before establishing her jewellery brand, Paula Walden, in 2007 which has become known for its imaginative jewellery and headpiece designs.

    Her philosophy for the brand is art can meet function with her products blending the conceptual with skill and craftsmanship.

    Paula believes fashion and jewellery inhabit parallel worlds, a fact that is evident through her collaborations with fashion designers including Gail Sorronda, George Wu, Fernando Frisoni and Dion Lee.

    Her designs have been featured internationally in high profile media including Zink (USA), No (NZ) and Harper’s Bazaar (Indonesia and Australia). She has also won an international award in Jewellery Design at the ID Dunedin Awards and was a participant in the 2010 Gday USA.

    All of Paula’s products are Australian-made and she believes in keeping her brand insular and strives to make it a vertically integrated business.

    Paul Nolan(typographer)
    Paul Nolan (typographer)

    With degrees in both Fine Art and design and Graphic Design, Paul is a custom letterer and designer working on commercial and private commission projects for everyone from small private sector clients to large government departments. He has worked both within Australia and internationally for a broad range of clients including Tourism Victoria, DDB Australia, Publicis Mojo, Phillip Morris and various other advertising agencies and design firms from around Australia.

    Also currently a guest lecturer at Design College Australia, Paul has won numerous awards including a Melbourne Art Directors Silver typography award and numerous PICA, AGDA and BAD awards.

    CALLIGRA Paula Walden (jewellery designer) + Paul Nolan (typographer)

    Paul, a typographer and Paula, a jeweller - contrast in line is fundamental to both practices.

    The tale of an Egyptian Princess, Calligra, age six, was the inspiration for the font named in her honour. The decorative display font created, is an interpretation combining Roman linear sensibility and calligraphic strokes.

    A literal correlation to example the collaboration is seen within a series of signet rings created that replicate the letters.

    Whilst the jewellery made to follow was inspired upon the imagination of what Calligra, a six-year-old princess would of possessed in her jewellery box.

    Sophisticated, traditional forms have been granted an ancient and timeworn aspect whilst a strong contrast of construction and colour has been pursued by the creative vigor of being a 6 year old.

    Juxtaposition of work has been curated to represent a gallery milieu to have both parties work appreciated as art.

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  • Seven With Another: FIFTH EDITION
  • Stephen Lance(director)
    Stephen Lance (director)

    Stephen Lance is an award-winning director of commercials, music videos and internationally renowned short films. He has directed campaigns for international brands such as Coke, Nestle, Aerogard, Telstra, Vodafone and Arnotts. Winner of an Aria in 2006 for Best Music Video and a J award for Australian Music Video of the Year in 2010, Stephen has also directed some of the most successful Australian music videos in recent times, including videos for Washington, Silverchair, Powderfinger, Sarah Blasko, John Butler Trio, Kate Miller-Heidke, End of Fashion and the Grates.

    His first short film, EUSTICE SOLVES A PROBLEM, has garnered both national and international success at film festivals including Sydney, Palm Springs, Toronto and Seattle, as well as a 2005 Dendy Awards nomination. His most recent short film, YOLK, funded by the Screen Australia, has screened in competition in Berlin, Gijon, Montreal, Sao Paulo, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Sydney, St Kilda and Brisbane.

    Stephen is also the writer of the acclaimed animation DOG WITH ELECTRIC COLLAR, funded by the Australian Film Commission. DOG opened the 2008 Sydney and Brisbane film festivals, and won the AFI for Best Animation in 2009.

    Holly Ryan(jeweller)
    Holly Ryan (jeweller)

    Holly Ryan is an emerging jewellery designer and silversmith living and working in Brisbane. Hailing from a small beach town called Coolum on the Sunshine Coast, Holly Ryan received her Bachelor degree in Fine Art Fashion from Queensland University of Technology in 2010. Holly has applied her studies and creativity
    as a fashion stylist for photo shoots and campaigns as well as working as a design and studio intern for designers Peter Jensen in London and Sara Phillips in Sydney.

    Her self-titled jewellery label is a point of synthesis for her love of music, art and nature. All products are designed and hand made in Australia by Holly, who likes to create ethically, melting and remelting the lustrous and precious element that is silver for use in new designs. Trained in the art of silver smithing by her parents who acquired their skills in Taxco, Mexico before she was born, Holly Ryan is dedicated to creating high quality innovative pieces of the minimalist and modernist persuasion.

    Holly released her first jewellery collection in 2011 titled ‘Si no es ahora entonces cuándo?’, Spanish for ‘If not now then when?’ The inspiration behind the collection was taken from the Mexica and the Aztec philosophical question of how to gain stability and balance in an ephemeral world. Holly’s personal theory and answer to this question is patience. The collection represents, in consistent and repeated simple geometric shapes and forms, a personal journey with this virtue. Further inspiration, pertaining to lifestyle and aesthetic, was drawn from Keplers theory of ‘heavenly harmonies’...divine geometrical harmony.

    Fifth Stephen Lance (director) + Holly Ryan (jeweller)

    Inspired by the science fiction style of the Fifth Element, Holly and Stephen were interested in creating a fragile, futuristic collision between the body and adornment.  The world exists in a bleak projection of the future, a highway underpass in striking black and white. The androgyne is preparing for something important, reaching for pieces of tribal armour, jewellery used to adorn and bind them for battle. The replication is a show of strength, but the end takes us back to the beginning... a fragile balance between the body, sex and the future.  

    The use of stereoscopic vision and futuristic, tribal music combine to create an immersive spectacle for the viewer that is both hypnotic and disturbing. Holly and Stephen were interested in the way men and women struggle for this identity in a landscape that is defined by futuristic elements...from the music, to the production of the video, to the styling of the androgyne. 

  • Adam Sebastian West(photographer)
    Adam Sebastian West (photographer)

    Adam Sebastian West has over ten years of experience within the photographic and videography industry. He is renowned for having a flexible talent allowing him to create exceptional work within many different genres; such as architecture, interiors, aerial, adventure travel, landscape, lifestyle and portrait. This is evidenced by his diverse portfolio of continuing professional client relationships with industry leaders of each of the above mentioned genres.

    Adam’s point of difference in a world of digital abundance is his ability to create work with a subtle pertinence to nature. His creative genius therefore lying in his ability to illuminate each subject’s raw grace and natural magnificence. While currently based in Brisbane Australia, Adam’s work has captured the international market leading to extensive overseas assignments and travels.

    Pete Macfarlane(architect + stonemason)
    Pete Macfarlane (architect + stonemason)

    Pete Macfarlane, registered architect and qualified stonemason, is a specialist in memorials. He is the sole architect stonemason in Australia, creating unique memorials that present an informed, creative and sensitive alternative to other memorial companies within and outside Australia. Each memorial is personally designed and crafted, and represents the culmination of his design approach of listening, observing and a sensitive, creative collaboration.

    The memorial design path offers an experience like no other memorial company. The outcome is a memorial that represents the past, is experienced in the present and inspires the future.

  • Robert Davidson(musician)
    Robert Davidson (musician)

    Robert Davidson is currently a lecturer in Composition at the University of Queensland. He formed the quintet Topology in 1997 and continues to act as its Artistic Director and bassist; the ensemble is now an Australia Council Key Arts Organisation and is ensemble-in-residence at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

    With Topology, Robert has collaborated with a wide range of leading artists including Geoffrey Rush, Company B, The Qld Ballet, Expressions, The Brodsky Quartet, The Kransky Sisters, Katie Noonan, Kate Miller-Heidke, The Southern Cross Soloists and many more, and has featured in several international tours and major festivals. Davidson studied composition with Terry Riley in California and New York, and completed a PhD in composition at UQ. He previously studied South Indian vocal music in Kerala, India. He was a bassist in the Australian Opera, Sydney Symphony, and Queensland Symphony orchestras before working as a freelance computer programmer. His compositions are regularly performed, recorded and broadcast around the world. All of Australia’s professional orchestras and many leading soloists and ensembles have commissioned and performed his works. He also performs his own compositions as a soloist, combining approaches from “contemporary classical” music, jazz, experimental, indie and electronica music.

    KT Doyle(artist / surface designer)
    KT Doyle (artist / surface designer)

    Announced as one of Design Quarterly’s Top Ten Faces and Forces of Design for 2011, KT Doyle is a project-based artist and designer specializing in surface design, sustainable solutions for wallpaper and textiles, limited edition original artworks and artwork for the built environment. Her work focuses first on the idea and then the medium, allowing her work to cross many areas.

    Over the past 20 years, KT has traveled widely researching textiles and decorative arts. In 2002, she completed her Masters of Fine Art in Tapestry and a decade on, is still inspired by textiles. She has become increasingly drawn to projects that require solid historical research and approaches her commercial work in the same way.
    In 2008, KT was awarded a Brisbane City Council Creative Sparks Grant, launching her first wallpaper and textiles collection. In 2009, she received a SignatureBrisbane Seed Grant to explore the work of colonial botanist, Walter Hill through patternmaking, and 2010 saw KT as a finalist in the Desktop Create Awards for
    her bespoke wallcovering for Laruche Bar & Supperclub.

    2012 brings the development of international commercial projects and exhibition work, meticulously realised, with storytelling at their very core.

    Stitched Together Robert Davidson (musician) + KT Doyle (artist / surface designer)

    Have you ever wondered what images might sound like and what sounds might look like?

    Interested in the pairing of sound and visual mediums, we decided to focus on the process of collaboration and let the resulting artwork become evidence of this process.

    Inspired by the period in which the Brisbane Powerhouse was built, KT created an initial pattern with references to Bauhaus textiles of the 1920s. In ‘call and response’ style, Robert interpreted it in sound. KT responded with another pattern and then Robert with a further musical interpretation until five exchanges were made, developing five patterns and five layers of sound.

    Using different instruments, Robert composed each sound response in varying lengths, layering them into a single looped track, which does not exactly repeat until several hours have passed. KT also took an integrated approach to constructing the visual sequence of pentagons, which contain the five patterns, weaving them together into one visual motif. The patterns dance across the surface of the sculptural element, as the sounds move within the soundscape to create an artwork you can both see and hear.

  • Anthony Potter(builder)
    Anthony Potter (builder)

    Anthony Potter is a young and enthusiastic house builder and carpenter by trade. Growing up with a hacksaw in his pocket, he developed a keen interest in making and building from an early age.  

    His interest is in the art of making on varied scales including furniture design and construction, temporary structures, alteration and installation in built environments. Ant enjoys experimenting with raw materials, leather, metals, timber, the reclaimed and the reusable. 

    Anthony is interested in collaboration and involvement in creative building projects. His work can be seen in many suburbs of Brisbane, London and also in Belarus where he led a group of conservationists on a collaborative building project.

    Alexandra Naghavi(graphic designer)
    Alexandra Naghavi (graphic designer)

    Half Dutch, half Persian, Brisbane-based graphic designer and pop-culture junkie, Alex Naghavi, has been in the industry for over six years, wowing clients around the globe with her sleek and sophisticated interface designs for both web and mobile platforms. Through working with clients such as EMI, Myspace, Sony and We Are Hunted, Alex finds herself playing with the two things she loves most: design and music. Even as a kid, Alex knew design was her future, so it was an inevitability that after her graduating exhibition at the Queensland College of Art she was headhunted by some of the best agencies in Brisbane.

    Innately curious and with great appreciation for the theory and psychology behind design, Alex often sees things differently and with an open mind - continuously striving for understanding. Aside from her obsession with perfect typography, animated gifs and patterns in numbers, Alex has a great fondness for handmade aesthetics and analogue photography. But unlike your nanna, she merges these with modern design principles into a symbiotic amalgamation of old and new.

    Alex proudly works/plays/lives at Brisbane design agency and hipster-hub, Josephmark.

    It's like a jungle sometimes. Anthony Potter (builder) + Alexandra Naghavi (graphic designer)

    It’s like a jungle sometimes, 
It makes me wonder how I keep from goin’ under.

    Inspired by the first five words of Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five’s song ‘The Message’, this sculptural piece provides social commentary on the expansive concrete jungles created by man and machine at the risk of
    our natural environments. The irony of the metal pipes imitating organic tree bark patterns is only exceeded by the light escaping them, similar to urban city signage.

    The piece uses all recycled materials.

  • Urs Furrer(VFX)
    Urs Furrer (VFX)

    Urs Furrer is a rising star in the Australian Visual Effects scene. He began his career as an editor in a boutique post house where he developed his love for all things visual. His distinct eye for detail and his design competencies ensured that he soon prospered; moving beyond cuts and dissolves into the world of visual effects.

    In 2011 Urs joined the team at Alt.vfx, where he collaborates with some of the country’s best to create exceptional and astounding work.

    He was also the only Australian amongst last year’s ADC Young Guns; the only international, cross-disciplinary, portfolio-based awards competition that identifies today’s vanguard of young creative professionals age 30 or younger.

    Urs is constantly exploring the world beyond VFX and computer technology; whether it’s his love of shooting old film, charcoal and ink sketches or his fixation with mechanical watches.

    Siall Waterbright(writer)
    Siall Waterbright (writer)

    Siall Waterbright is a writer and visual artist. She recently completed a PhD in creative writing at QUT and has bachelor’s degrees from QUT and New College, Florida. Her writing has been published in several literary journals in Australia and recognised with awards and commendations in the Josephine Ulrick Prizes for Poetry and Prose, the Val Vallis Prize and the Thomas Shapcott Prize. She has had solo exhibitions in Australia and the United States, and been represented in shows across Australia.

    Wish you were here Urs Furrer (VFX) + Siall Waterbright (writer)

    The five senses – touch, taste, sight, sound and smell – carry us to places in our memories and our dreams: places, like our physical bodies, we inhabit temporarily, forever anticipating the beginning of our real lives. But in these spaces our real lives are led; we exist in the rooms furnished by our senses, isolated in our discrete subjective experiences, but surrounded by people who have shared or will share the temporary shelter of sensation, like guests granted the anonymous privacy of hotel rooms. We handle the objects others have handled, unlock doors with keys hundreds of hands have held, read the messages left by earlier guests and leave messages of our own, entering every moment as if it is a room recently vacated by someone else and soon to be inhabited by someone new.

    When confronted with a new environment, as open as we claim to be, we swiftly draw judgements and form opinions based on what our senses relay to us. We play a game of ‘fill in the blanks’, deducing what we can about our surroundings from clues and associations. But things are rarely as simple as they appear; something totally incomprehensible can lurk beneath a deceptively banal surface. Always conscious of our shared capacity for judgement, we often go to great lengths to ensure that the veneer covering our lives disguises what lies underneath.

    We have created an environment where the familiar and strange, the worn-and-old and yet-to-be collide, and objects play with our expectations, forming associations between the five senses in an artificial synaesthesia. Constructed with a collection of recycled and found furniture, toys and bric-a-brac, the setting is filled with the ghosts of others and traces of past time. We invite our visitors to enter this space and leave their own traces, contributing to the real and imagined narratives that branch off from our waiting room.

    Enter and be welcome.

  • Fritz Schwarz(product designer / boat builder)
    Fritz Schwarz (product designer / boat builder)

    By trade, Fritz is a wooden boat builder and has worked on sailing yachts for many years as well as designing and making furniture and kite-boards. During his career he has always worn his own handcrafted glasses. He loves the feeling of exclusivity but it is also out of an aspiration to wear a frame that suits his individual style and approach to eyewear. Making glasses is appealing and challenging on many levels; he is the craftsmen and inventor as well as entrepreneur and designer. It’s an ever-evolving process and he is always discovering new insight into his self-made craft. Creating glasses enriches his life with beauty and meaning, two of life’s essential rewards.

    Courtney Coombs(contemporary artist)
    Courtney Coombs (contemporary artist)

    Courtney Coombs is a Brisbane based Artist, Independent Curator and Founding Co-Director of the Artist Run Initiatives, No Frills* and LEVEL. Coombs graduated in 2008 with a BFA Honours (First Class) and is currently a PhD candidate (practice-led research) at Queensland University of Technology.

    Coombs has exhibited extensively throughout Brisbane in both group and solo shows with her most recent solo exhibition, ‘I fucking love you’ (2011) at Metro Arts, as well as nationally, including Artspace’s recent Artist-Run exhibition Eastern Seaboard (2011) with No Frills* and internationally in Ceci n’est pas un
    Casino! (Luxemburg and Esslingen) in collaboration with Antoinette J. Citizen.

    She recently curated the Brisbane Emerging Art Festival’s exhibition Check In and was awarded the Creative Sparks Grant for curatorial project, Broadcast, an exhibition that investigated the relevance of feminism through the work of eight female, emerging Brisbane artists.

    Coombs was a finalist in the 2011 Churchie Emerging Art Award, the 2010 Noosa Travelling Scholarship and was also shortlisted for the 2010 Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards.

    Untitled Fritz Schwarz (product designer / boat builder) + Courtney Coombs (contemporary artist)

    This site-specific artwork was developed with the notion of the five elements in mind. Research into the history of the Powerhouse drew our attention to the river; an integral component of the building as the water was vital for cooling. This work aims to create a slight and gestural reunion between the Powerhouse and one its key elements, water.

  • Ben Hughes(lighting designer)
    Ben Hughes (lighting designer)

    Ben is a Brisbane-based theatre Lighting Designer. He has created the lighting for over 70 original stage productions for companies including Queensland Theatre Company, Melbourne Theatre Company, La Boite Theatre Company, Queensland Ballet, HotHouse Theatre, The Danger Ensemble, Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre,
    JUTE Theatre, Stella Electrika, QPAC, Gold Coast Arts Centre and Kooemba Djarra. As Associate Lighting Designer his work includes productions with Elision Ensemble, Opera Queensland, Queensland Theatre Company and Meryl Tankard.

    James Alley(fine artist / illustrator)
    James Alley (fine artist / illustrator)

    James Alley is an illustrator, designer and fine artist. After graduating in 2000 from QCA with a Bachelor of Design. James worked for Billabong while continuing to create and exhibit artwork.

    After living in London where he spent time traveling, studying, exhibiting, looking, eating and designing at and for and with a whole bunch of stuff and people and places James came home to work with Human Ventures, where worked on community oriented design and illustration projects.

    James currently runs his own design and illustration studio while studying part time. When he’s not spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter, he paints, draws, reads and writes a little bit too.

    James has exhibited in Brisbane, The Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and London. His work has been featured in Artillery, Chick, and Clay Magazines and a few other places here and there.

    The Cube Ben Hughes (lighting designer) + James Alley (fine artist / illustrator)

    James creates images on surfaces. Ben illuminates people in spaces.
    As a starting point for Seven with Another, both James and Ben wanted to do something that they don’t normally do. They came upon the idea of both trying to reverse the process they normally use to create. In essence,
    Ben would create a lightbox with all the colour and light inside being hidden with a coating of black paint. James would then scratch off this paint and create images with the light that became visible. Instead of James adding to
    a surface he would be taking away. And instead of Ben directing attention and being incredibly selective of what gets illuminated, Ben would create all the light but not know how it would appear. The shape of a hanging cube has five surfaces, fitting nicely with the theme of five. James would also only have five hours to scratch out his imagery.
    They also talked a lot about what they think art is and can do for social evolution. They agree that art can give a great voice to the marginalised segments of society. So then the idea flowed to use five stories, with one for each panel, as inspiration for the images to be created. Each story explores
    the themes of justice, abuse of power, socially sanctioned violence etc...

    1. The Crucible
    2. 1984
    3. 12 Angry Men
    4. To Kill a Mockingbird
    5. Lord of the Flies
    And the cube you see now is the result.

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  • Seven With Another: FOURTH EDITION
  • RYAN RENSHAW(film director)
    RYAN RENSHAW (film director)

    Ryan Renshaw straddles two careers in two industries. In some moments he is a television director. Spawned from MTV in Australia and the United States and having shot more than 100 music videos, he now spends half of his life making television commercials. In other moments he is a gallerist who has been exhibiting dynamic and progressive contemporary art in his Fortitude Valley art gallery over the past 7 years.

    MARTIN SMITH(photographer)
    MARTIN SMITH (photographer)

    Martin Smith is a soulful photographer. His works reflect both the intimate and trying moments of his life, depicting meaningful moments and places, without contrivance.

    Smith foregoes traditional photography, incorporating text and collage within his images.

    Martin Smith’s works are exhibited regularly both in Australia and internationally. In 2007 Smith was included in Primavera at the MCA Sydney. His works are held in the collections of Queensland Art Gallery, Monash City Gallery and Artbank. He has been awarded the Veolia Prize and Clayton Utz Travelling Scholarship.

    I AM FORTUNATE AND BORED IV (1999-2012) RYAN RENSHAW (film director) + MARTIN SMITH (photographer)

    Found DV footage of Holly Valance and Krista Vendy filmed Tuesday 7th December, 1999, 26 Pin Oak Court (Ramsay Street), Vermont South, Melbourne, Australia. 5 minutes


    Martin Smith’s simple statement ‘I am Fortunate and bored’ may have been written with these two swimming starlets in mind as they dive and twirl in the backyard Neighbours pool.

    It may well be aimed at myself, the director on set at the time, who shot the footage with little intention of it being used in the final opening title sequence.

    Or it may be squarely directed at you, the viewer, who in your own way demands the presence of a person like Holly Valance in your life.

    But I suspect Martin has something much bigger in mind than you or me or even Holly and Krista. Western society is having a mid-life crisis of its own.

    Ryan Renshaw

    Marin and Ryan would like to say thanks to:
    Urs Furrer and Mike Lange.

  • INKAHOOT S(graphic design)
    INKAHOOT S (graphic design)

    Jason Grant is a member of Brisbane and Melbourne based design studio Inkahoots. The studio began in 1990 as an artist run, community access screenprinting collective, and is now recognised around the world as a leading model of alternative visual communication practice. Their history is a close relationship with the community, cultural, and arts sectors as visual advocates and activists. Inkahoots’ work is widely published and exhibited internationally.

    MICHAEL CANDY(kinetics / new media artist)
    MICHAEL CANDY (kinetics / new media artist)

    Michael Candy is a young emerging kinetic artist, studying fine arts and industrial design at QUT Brisbane. His art draws away from a stereotypical ‘kinetic aesthetic’ and approaches kinetics and mechanics in a more organic way; using shapes and patterns found in nature. His works are often interactive, involving the viewer or audience with the sculpture through movement, luminosity or sound.

    “From a very young age I have always had the ambition to understand how everything worked. As I grew older I developed an obsession with robotics and animatronics, but struggled to find a realm in which I could freely create (without a commercial or industrial purpose). I later found art and my passion was opened to a whole new world of freedom and possibilities.”

    BITTER BENCH (4 VOICES) INKAHOOT S (graphic design) + MICHAEL CANDY (kinetics / new media artist)

    Council have confiscated an unofficial public artwork satirising Campbell Newman’s response to homelessness in Brisbane.

    A group of clandestine artists installed the artwork they say, to draw attention to a side of the city being airbrushed away in the interests of commercial priorities. “It seems the friendlier Brisbane becomes for business, the more the city’s most vulnerable communities are targeted for harassment and contempt” claim the group.

    The work was installed without council permission on the site of a recently removed William St bus shelter that was popular amongst the homeless sleeping rough in the city.

    Titled ‘Bitter Bench (4 voices)’, the work consisted of a seat fitted with a motion sensor that triggered recorded voices of homeless citizens while a pressure sensor detected someone sitting on the bench which then very gradually tilted, tipping them off. Engraved in large letters on the seat’s wooded slats was the phrase “BITTER BRISBANE”. An official looking Council plaque accompanied the seat with a quote from Campbell Newman’s repentant alter ego:

    “After cutting funding to almost all public programs addressing homelessness and removing many public furnishings where the homeless sought refuge, I offer this bench as token of my Government’s penance.
    I have come to deeply regret my support of the most powerful over the most vulnerable. We judged developers and big businesses most deserving of Council’s favours. It is also true we assumed a constituency of privilege, denying the city should also welcome and support the disadvantaged. These acts will be remembered with contrition. Where once there was cruelty let there now be compassion.”

    A spokesperson or the anonymous group claims Newman was intent on hiding the homeless from public view.

    “While Newman was requesting the expansion of his existing ‘move on’ powers, effectively giving police even more licence to harass the homeless, in the very same areas he was doing developer-friendly-deals by sidestepping legal planning schemes to approve developments twice the allowable size. Fortunately, when contested in court, the dodgy approvals were quickly overturned.”

    The group claims removing street furniture is a simplistic and cavalier reaction to the complicated issues around homelessness. One of the homeless people interviewed for the work said:

    “When you’ve got nowhere to sleep you’ve got no home to go home to - that’s the only place you know you can go to, somewhere where it’s nice and warm and you don’t get bashed by anyone and you know you’re safe and you’ve got some people around you that will keep you safe. One or two will keep watch while others sleep and then another person wakes up and then they go to sleep... Benches are like a kind of bed for the homeless, you know, it’s better to sleep on a bench than cold cement. I used to sleep on cold cement and that’s why I ended up in hospital with double pneumonia four times, I only just got out the other day…”

    As well as the discriminatory move-on laws and the removal of public furniture, Newman also:
    • banned long time homeless support vans from accessing and stopping at King George Square
    • drastically reduced the number of BCC Public Space liaison officers – undermining important networks and resources to link the homeless with assistance
    • defunded the night patrol from Indigenous agency ‘Murri Watch’
    • significantly reduced The BCC Community Development program – in previous years much of this work was linked into working with homeless and key support services.

    In 2005, defending his ‘move on’ powers, Newman said: “it’s about being able to deal with people who are actually causing fear and anxiety who are acting in a way that does not meet normal community standards.”

    However the group’s spokesperson counters: “The bad old days of indigenous exclusion zones are once again a “normal community standard” for Newman, and although people sleeping rough may cause him fear and anxiety, it’s the homeless who have the real cause for concern. It seems only a certain kind of citizen is welcome in Newman’s Brisbane. In his run for Premiere there is a lot of focus on Newman’s alleged infrastructure achievements, but very little on his social and cultural legacy. However, we will remember, and we will continue to reveal this side of the city.”

  • TIMOTHY LOVETT(motion designer)
    TIMOTHY LOVETT (motion designer)

    Timothy is a motion designer and filmmaker with a background in photography and fine arts. Inspired by folklore and people watching his style fuses a cinematic context with subtle narratives, often driven by traditional design and animation.

    He has been working for six years in both motion graphics and film with an array of national and international clients. His work displays a contemporary, multi-faceted approach to storytelling, often injecting peculiar techniques and methods into his craft. Timothy has work featured on Motionographer, Idn, PedestrianTV and onedotzero amongst others. He is a two time finalist in the prestige Celeste Prize for Arts and has also collaborated on installation work selected for the Nuit Blanche Supernatural City in Toronto.

    Currently living in Brisbane, Timothy is the founder of bespoke motion studio, Breeder.

    CLARE DYSON(choreographer)
    CLARE DYSON (choreographer)

    Clare is a choreographer who has creates dance, theatre and site specific performances focusing on the collaborative process. She has created work with a variety of multi-form artists and scientists and has been working with her brother and lighting designer over the last ten years to create work that seamlessly blends movement, light, dance and installation. She received her BA (Dance) and Honours (Visual Art) and has recently finished her PhD looking at how audiences engage with contemporary dance. She has worked as an Artist-In-Resident at the American Dance Festival, Brisbane Powerhouse, at Tanzfabrik in Berlin and for four years at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts in Brisbane. In 2006 she was nominated for best choreography and won for best independent dance at the Australian Dance Award and received the Ann and Rodney Pearlman Choreographic Fellowship from the US. In 2008 Clare was awarded the Australia Council Cité Internationale des Arts Residency where she spent six months creating her new work The Voyeur. Clare received a National Dance Project grant from the US to tour this work in the United States where it performed to sold out seasons. This work was recently nominated for and Australian Dance Award. She is currently creating a trilogy of short solo works titled UNSETTLED, each creating an intimate experience for the audience.

    BAGGAGE TIMOTHY LOVETT (motion designer) + CLARE DYSON (choreographer)

    4 minutes.
    4 people.
    In a room together.
    Two performing. Two witnessing.
    A series of questions.
    A series of answers.

    Nothing will be asked of you unless you want it.
    What you bring in to the room will determine what you take out.


    (an installation performance work by Clare Dyson + Timothy Lovett)

  • TERRY WHIDBORNE(illustrator)
    TERRY WHIDBORNE (illustrator)

    Terry Whidborne’s been based in Brisbane for some time as an art director, a designer, an illustrator and a content creator for books and film. Or as he puts it, ‘Just some guy that tells stories’.

    During his career he’s worked for most of the large agencies in Brisbane and a few more in London, doing his best for some of the biggest brands in the business. These include Lloyds bank, The Prince Charles Trust, Telstra, Ergon Energy, Suncorp, Jupiters and Colorado. And along the way, he’s been lucky enough to bag a few awards for his efforts.

    Terry now divides his time between advertising, books and film, all with the same aim. Just to keep on telling stories.

    CARLY SCOUFOS(sculptor)
    CARLY SCOUFOS (sculptor)

    Carly Scoufos is an emerging contemporary artist based in Brisbane. She studied at the Santa Rosa Junior College in California, before completing a Bachelor of Fine Art with First Class Honours from the Queensland College of Art.

    After graduating she was awarded the Queensland Art Gallery’s 2008 Melville Haysom Memorial Art Scholarship and exhibited in QAG’s Watermall Café as part of the Starter Space program. In 2009, following the receipt of the Siganto Travel Scholarship, Carly undertook a studio residency at Youkobo Art Space in Tokyo where she presented her first solo exhibition, Seam. Over the past two years she has completed and commenced work on a number of corporate and public commissions in collaboration with Urban Art Projects, including a foyer installation for Aecom Brisbane Offices, a large-scale artwork for the new Gold Coast University Hospital and an atrium sculpture for Phoenix City Beijing, China. Carly has recently completed a large sculptural work that will be exhibited in the 1st Tamworth Textile Triennial, which opened in late September and will travel to regional centres throughout NSW and Victoria until 2013.

    FOUR HORSES TERRY WHIDBORNE (illustrator) + CARLY SCOUFOS (sculptor)

    “Four... What the hell do you do with four?”

    That was how the conversation started once we’d received our brief for ‘Seven with Another’. We did have a feint inkling as to what the theme would be, as the previous shows were one, two and three.

    We decided to make a list of everything we could think of that incorporated ‘four’.

    Four tops, Beatles, Four corners of the world, Four Seasons?
    Quite a list was made.

    Then it dawned on us that we were living in the year of Armageddon... apparently. That’s right, the Mayans would have us believe that on December 21st 2012, the world will end.

    So, we decided to build our own four horses of the apocalypse.

    The last book of the New testament, called ‘The book of Revelation’, tells of a lamb with seven eyes and seven horns (obviously seen on a regular occurrence), which opens the first four of the seven seals:

    • The First seal was Conquest/Pestilence
    • The Second seal was War
    • The Third seal was Famine
    • The Fourth seal was Death

    As Armageddon has a habit of being predicted every few years (and always ending up being a bit disappointing), we decided to have a little fun with this years big event.

    The Hobby Horse style of these works says it all, by playing with the idea that of the end is not always nigh.

    It’s what you believe.

  • KATHRYN LEE(costume designer)
    KATHRYN LEE (costume designer)

    Since graduating from RMIT, nearly 30yrs ago I’ve been constructing costumes & accessories for opera theatre ballet street festivals & film. My primary skill as an illustrator has given me an eye for detail & silhouette, which has facilitated my skills as a pattern maker & draper. When i’m not working i’m teaching myself new skills.

    SUZIE WILEY(architect)
    SUZIE WILEY (architect)

    Architect. Founder of Surroundings. My passion is working with people to create more meaningful space.
    I am an architect interested in injecting meaningful spaces for individuals and collectives into existing frameworks – homes, workplaces, suburbs, cities, nature.

    FOUR KATHRYN LEE (costume designer) + SUZIE WILEY (architect)

    Our challenge. To create an artwork using our two disciplines; costume design and architecture. The theme is 4. We chose to explore the building we are in, as it is Substation No 4.

    Our work explores the idea of pattern making, how we both work and design in 2D to create 3D objects and experiences. Here we tell the history of the building through paper dolls, representing the people it served when it was first built in the 1920’s.

    This building, designed by Roy Rusden Ogg, was Substation No 4. The fourth in a network of buildings that reticulated the power from the New Farm Powerhouse throughout Brisbane’s tramways - it powered movement of people throughout our city. During 1925 there were 82 million passengers carried by tram.

    Our work features
    - a worker, maintaining and running the substation,
    - a conductor manning the trams
    - and a woman passenger from this time.

    We explored the use of cabling and suspension to recreate a sense of being under the tramlines. The life size people bring the 2D and 3D together and invite you to immerse in the crowd from within viewing your reflection in the window, or alternatively as a spectator from outside, looking back in time.

    Coincidentially today, the day of the opening February 3rd is the centenary celebration of “Black Friday” the great strike of 1912 that saw the tram workers strike for their right to wear their tramway union badge.The Trams stopped running in 1969.

    Now Substation No. 4, along with its bigger sister, the New Farm Powerhouse are part of a larger group of former utility buildings that have been repurposed into a dynamic group of spaces now powering the arts community.

  • DOMINIQUE FALLA(typographer)
    DOMINIQUE FALLA (typographer)

    Dominique Falla is a designer/artist who works in a variety of tactile mediums and combines digital creation with analogue output for exhibition and publication—she is currently working on a series of tactile typography pieces. Dominique also convenes the graphic design program at the Queensland College of Art on the Gold Coast. 

    RYAN WALSH(composer/sound designer)
    RYAN WALSH (composer/sound designer)

    Ryan Walsh is a Brisbane-born composer and sound designer. Founder of production house SST Workshop, he graduated in 2002 from the Queensland Conservatorium studying under Australian composer Gerard Brophy.

    After teaching in Venezuela (Escuela José Ángel Lamas, Caracas) and Brazil (UFPE, Recife & UESC, Florianopolis) as well as a stint with a Pinewood studios-based publishing house, he returned to Australia in 2008. After working as a freelance composer for film and television, Ryan founded SST Workshop, a full service music and sound production house in 2010 supplying music and sound for international clients such as British Telecom, Coca-Cola and Vodafone. Through SST, Ryan has also created original scores for a number of film and television projects.

    Other recent projects included the writing and production of Argentinian singer Lara Pedrosa’s debut album as well as work with Chiarastella (Italy), Luz Marina (Brazil) and two original EPs with production duo Ran/Run.

    Aside from media work, Ryan is currently involved in a composing and conducting duties for a number of ensembles both in Australia and internationally as well as completing a Master of Music in composition and musicology through the University of Sao Paulo.

    FOUR LETTER WORDS DOMINIQUE FALLA (typographer) + RYAN WALSH (composer/sound designer)

    Typographer Dominique Falla and composer/sound designer Ryan Walsh have collaborated to produce “Four letter words”, an analogue sound remix project.

    The pair have used custom-made blank vinyl LPs and laser cut coloured picture discs in the shape of letters of the alphabet. Gallery patrons are then invited to ‘play’ the four letter words of their choice on four turntables and hear what the remixed vinyl words sound like. Rhythms and patterns can be varied by placing the four stylus at different places on the discs.

    Produced with the kind assistance of Sign-Tec.

  • BENJAMIN REEVE(contemporary artist/painter)
    BENJAMIN REEVE (contemporary artist/painter)

    Benjamin Reeve is an artist based in Brisbane, Queensland.

    His creative work can be found on an impressive list of projects and have featured in many Australian and international productions from large scale graffiti murals to big budget films. The development of Brisbane city’s traffic signal boxes, a concept he conceived and fought at government level to see realised, has become a quintessential part of the Brisbane landscape and the idea has as a result been adopted internationally.

    Benjamin ceased working on films in favour of further developing his personal paintings for gallery shows and now works full time as an artist. Following this path of creative development, his work has taken on a new conceptual ground.

    PHILIP UNWIN(maker - physical computing)
    PHILIP UNWIN (maker - physical computing)

    A long running obsession with electronic gizmos and programming has led Phil into adventures with micro controllers and electronic fabrication.If you want a machine that goes “ping” or something that looks like one, you go to Phil.

    In his hacklab or on site, he gets his thrills through high pressure rapid prototyping with zero budgets. Working with his trusty soldering iron, on self designed chip layouts and LED wiring looms, he helps to realise the dreams and demands of art department directors and techno junkies alike.

    In 2011 he was employed as a technical consultant and gadget engineer for the joint Finnish/German/Australian film production of IRON SKY. And through creating programable interface systems using MAX/MSP, Phil designed and built unique electronic instruments and sound controlled lighting devices for musical electronic artists Hi Freqs.

    He is currently developing a stabilised camera mount system for aerial cinematography using a multi-rotor copter (a remote controlled helicopter camera!).

    TETRAPHOBIA BENJAMIN REEVE (contemporary artist/painter) + PHILIP UNWIN (maker - physical computing)

    Tetraphobia is an aversion to or fear of the number four.

    This superstition is most commonly held in Japan, China Taiwan, Korea and Vietnam. As the number 13 is often omitted in commonplace areas such as lifts in Western cultures, the number four is similarly shunned in many Eastern countries. As an example, in Japan many apartment houses and parking lots omit the number four.

    Tetraphobia explores the need to find an irrational rationale for our fear of the inevitability of life.

  • Sponsor: Queensland Government
  • Sponsor: Substation No.4
  • Sponsor: Insignature Signs
  • Sponsor: Bendaware
  • Sponsor: Arts Queensland
  • Sponsor: Rainbow Beer
  • Sponsor: Dirty Minds Wine Co
  • Sponsor: Villa Maria Estate
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  • Sponsor: Rothfield
  • Seven With Another: THIRD EDITION
  • ALEX CHOMICZ(film director)
    ALEX CHOMICZ (film director)

    Filmmaker / Photographer Alex Chomicz' recent work includes short artist documentaries; an exhibited photographic series; as well as a video art project for the new Metricon Stadium. He has been awarded the ‘Tomorrow’s Cinema’ Prize at the Festival International du Film Indépendant in Brussels for his 12 min film Half Mongrel. Previous work attracted awards from the Australian Writer’s Guild; ACS; ATOM; as well as a recent Critic’s Choice Prize at The Brisbane International Film Festival for the short film Seize The Day.

    CEZARY STULGIS(sculptor)
    CEZARY STULGIS (sculptor)

    Cezary Stulgis born in Poland and based in Queensland, Cezary spread his studies between the two countries to achieve a skilled balance of classical craftsmanship and contemporary education. After completing his Certificate of Art and Design at Gateway TAFE in Brisbane, receiving a High Achievement Award, Cezary achieved his Bachelor of Visual Arts at Queensland University of Technology. Moving to Krakow, he completed his Masters with Distinction at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Sculpture before returning to Brisbane. Cezary comes from a graffiti background he rose to fame in the early 90’s (under the name of Cruel) appearing on the streets of Brisbane and than Poland and Europe. Since then his distinctive work has won him a reputation far beyond Brisbane. Cezary has transformed this energy in to painting and sculpture and developing his personal style. He has successfully completed numerus Public Art Commissions with in the Brisbane CBD and continues to exhibit extensively through out Australia.

    Third ALEX CHOMICZ (film director) + CEZARY STULGIS (sculptor)

    Our challenge:
    Sculpture = physical; tactile; timeless.
    Video = ephemeral; intangible; temporal.

    How to bring such divergent opposites together?
    Standing on a freezing mountain top, the twin dilemmas of fading light and shivering cold somehow triggered a solution.

    Fire !!
    It became the light source, as well as the temporal sculptural object itself.

    Hundreds of long exposure still photographs were used to capture the constant sculptural movement of flames within an otherwise invisible space traced out of steel.

  • COLLEEN MORGAN(interaction designer)
    COLLEEN MORGAN (interaction designer)

    Colleen is a multi-disciplinary designer who loves the process of designing and making.  As a jeweller she designs highly geometric pieces, often incorporating kinetic movement to create 'fiddle' jewellery for moments of deep thought or even daydreaming. 

    Colleen is also an interaction designer with a particular interest in creating innovative solutions to the challenges of teaching and learning in the digital age.  She is currently pursuing this interest as a PhD candidate at the Queensland University of Technology.

    Colleen also likes to dabble in the world of sewable electronics, sewing lights and sensors into garments and programming them with a micro-processor to create garments that respond to their environment or the wearer.

    KATE STEIN(stylist)
    KATE STEIN (stylist)

    Kate Stein combines influences from the developing world with her trademark psychedelic touch. Hating habitual, she has distinguished herself as one of Brisbane's most eclectic stylists.

    Kate launched her career in 2009, after developing her unique brand Kate Stein -  focusing on combining creative direction, design and her background in communications and public relations.  The result of her work; a kaleidoscopic journey of imagery and feeling.

    Kate Stein now works on a freelance basis styling for both Australian and international clients.  Passionate in her field, she he has worked on campaigns, lookbooks, editorial spreads and film clips whilst also developing creative direction and branding for musicians and public figures.

    Regularly exploring the third worlds, Kate has just released her second couture collection titled BANG LASSY following her sellout AFGHAN JACKET collection of 2010.

    Career highlights also include being chosen as 1 of 5 Australia wide to style for Sportsgirl’s Super Stylist competition.

    in(ter)tense COLLEEN MORGAN (interaction designer) + KATE STEIN (stylist)

    To thrive in the now is to at once embrace the past and look to the future…

    Three Tenses:
    Three artifacts of in(ter)tense capture stories of the past and entwine them with visions of the future to leave us in a muddled present. Age-old techniques of metal forgoing were combined with timeworn fabrics and textiles to create an ancient aesthetic that is perforated with ultramodern wearable electronics.

    In a time of heightened awareness of recycling and reuse, in(ter)tense is a representation of achieving balance through preserving the past to design our future.

    Three Mediums:
    In bringing together the distinctions between our individual practices, jewellery design and fashion styling, symbolic shapes were developed through experimentation with form and interplay between hard metal, soft fabrics and electric light.

    Focusing on the material qualities of the mediums we work with, form was tampered with by striving to make the hard soft and the soft hard through forging metal and starching fabrics.

    Collaborating in design and creation was a challenging venture in itself whereby we resolved our distinctly different notions of scale and approaches to aesthetic style by reconciling strong geometric forms with an organic layering of fabric.

    Three Dimensions:
    Design elements of in(ter)tense reflect a fascination with making flat forms pop into the third dimension purely through manipulation of materials. Inspiration was drawn from geometric forms, in particular triangles and informed our experimentation with cutting and folding flat surfaces to create three-dimensional shapes.

    It is our hope that in(ter)tense evokes an immediate romantic narrative of the past and hints to our unpaved future in design and being.

    The Goldsmith’s School
    Second Hand

  • DANE MIDDLETON(sound designer)
    DANE MIDDLETON (sound designer)

    Dane Middleton (Brightling) is a Brisbane based Sound Designer & Contemporary Music Composer attracted to Motion Design. Music styles ranging from Progressive Rock, Folk, Hip Hop, Glitch Hop, Future Beat & Post Dub Step have influenced Danes relationship with audio and the way he interacts with sound textures.  

    Tim Lovett introduced Dane to working with Breeder & Josephmark, which formed focus & direction for his audio skills in working life. 

    Currently working with Brisbane and Melbourne based media companies, Dane continues to grow his emerging Sound Design business 'Brightling Sound'. Brightling caters for Corporate & Innovative Design realms in Music, Sound Design for Animation, Interactive, Broadcast, Film and Web.

    KIRSTY BOYLE(robotics artist)
    KIRSTY BOYLE (robotics artist)

    Kirsty Boyle is an Australian artist whose passion for robots has driven her to travel the world in order to work with other like-minded puppeteers, animators and roboticists.

    Her practice is truly interdisciplinary, encompassing skills in sculpture, theatrical performance, film and animation, digital arts and design, mechanical and electrical engineering and artificial intelligence.

    During 2002, Kirsty began study under Mr Tamaya Shobei, a ninth generation Karakuri Ningyo craftsman and last remaining mechanical doll Master in Japan.  She is currently his only student, and the only woman to have ever been trained in the tradition.

    In 2010 she produced Tree Ceremony, commissioned by the Museum Tinguely and Kunsthaus Graz for the Robot Dreams exhibition, touring 2010 – 2011.

    Her art portfolio can be viewed online via

    :: microstructures :: prototype 1 :: DANE MIDDLETON (sound designer) + KIRSTY BOYLE (robotics artist)

    :: microstructures :: prototype 1 :: is a DIY process driven experiment investigating the microstructures of plants (moss), organisms (Artemia) and sound (“It's a small world (after all)”). Three devices were sacrificed during this initial phase ~ a PS3 camera, a microscope and a digital microscope.

    A colony of Artemia were incubated, hatched and will grow over the seven days of this exhibition. Artemia is a primitive arthropod with a segmented body and broad leaf-like appendages. They undergo cryptobiosis or anhydrosis, a condition of apparent lifelessness or "hidden life". The astronaut John Glenn took Artemia into space in 1998 aboard Space Shuttle Discovery. After nine days in space, they were returned to Earth, and hatched eight weeks later apparently unaffected by their travels.

    “It's a small world (after all)” has been manipulated and time stretched revealing the hidden structures within the composition. The song was originally sung and recorded in various studios around the world – by a church choir in London, TV performers in Mexico City, a school chorus in Rome, and by local children from Tokyo and California. It is argued that this song is the single most performed and most widely translated song on earth, and is the only Disney creation never to be copyrighted.


    Digital microscope (modified), microscope (faulty), PS3 camera (destroyed), moss, artemia, “It's a small world (after all)” original composition (modified), laboratory utensils

    Dimensions variable

  • IGOR CORIC(animator)
    IGOR CORIC (animator)

    Born in Strasbourg, France in 1978. In 2002 graduated painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Serbia. Got his masters degree in drawing and animation at the same faculty in 2008. Moved to live and work in Brisbane in 2009.

    For over five years worked as an independent filmmaker, creating dozens of short animated films that competed at largest animation film festivals and won numerous awards. To support his passion for animation worked as a children’s and schoolbook illustrator. For a short time has also worked as a copywriter for Belgrade’s McCann Erickson. At the Ottawa Animation Festival in 2004 he met Sheldon Lieberman, an owner of Brisbane’s design studio Bigfish. Couple of years later they started working together on a Fest project –creating 52 films in 52 weeks. After moving to Brisbane continued working for Bigfish on a number of different commercial projects. In 2010 won the best animation award at Tropfest.

    See his work here:

    JESSE SMITH(photographer)
    JESSE SMITH (photographer)

    Jesse Smith has carved a successful career in high-end commercial photography,
    while boasting a slick and dynamic creative practice that explores an unusual world
    of dark cinematica and hip, sinister moods. Using muted colours and dark, deep
    tones, Smith's imagery is rendered with an unashamedly high-tech sensibility.

    Superhuman bodies, freeze-framed mid-flight with earth-shattering clarity, produce
    hyper-kinetic still life studies from split-second motion capture. Smith also brings this
    filmic narrative aesthetic to his commercial work, injecting it with a unique attitude
    that vivifies and contemporises even the most pedestrian of advertising content.


    ACHAN IGOR CORIC (animator) + JESSE SMITH (photographer)

    Two of us were put together to create an artwork resonating the theme Third and that's where she came in -Achan, our third, a model and an artwork to be created. Jesse shot a photograph - he molded an image of what Achan meant to him, and Igor created 3 animations to be projected upon this image. Achan is now in front of you - supersized and animated, like a totem, a monument, or spirit, whatever she means to you, our third.

  • KITTY HORTON(illustrator/artist)
    KITTY HORTON (illustrator/artist)

    Kitty Horton is a Brisbane based artist. She has exhibited in solo shows in Melbourne and Sydney, as well as various group shows around Australia. Her chosen medium is acrylic on wood, ink and soft sculpture toys. She also works on commissioned projects such as band merchandise, illustrations for festivals and events, and public murals.

    Kitty uses her art to explore concepts, ages and cultures. Through her work she has examined semiotics, historical figures, anatomy, and modern Japanese culture.

    Her portraits show character traits she is intrigued by, her own experiences and studies. Kitty’s colourful and unique style is a vibrant blend of her many inspirations.

    PATRICK OZMIN(architectural graduate)
    PATRICK OZMIN (architectural graduate)

    Having moved to Brisbane in 2003 Patrick has worked for various architectural practices and has also carried out a number of private art and design projects. His scale of work varies from urban master planning to intimate boutique studios. As design consultant Patrick helped Brisbane achieve its first roof top cinema and bar for the Limes Hotel. He has been involved in a number of research projects including work for the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Brisbane City Council/Atelier Bow Wow and sees these as further development on architectural theory and urbanism. Patrick has since worked for James Russell Architect and currently with BVN Architecture. His practical skills have been gained from hands-on experience, completing a number of construction projects in Brisbane. From these projects he has gained a strong design sensibility that is reflected in his aptitude for attention to design, detailing and communication.

    His love for the arts was nurtured at a young age growing up in a family of artists, designers and architects. His education in the arts started at The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland, going on to study Fine Arts at Salisbury College, England. He studied Interior Architecture at the University of Brighton, England graduating with honors, and most recently completed his Masters of Architecture at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.

    Patrick Ozmin was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1977, he has an English accent and can speak Polish - he considers himself Europeanski. As a kid he was into graffiti and can still bust out a mean piece.

    Through the window I saw the Third KITTY HORTON (illustrator/artist) + PATRICK OZMIN (architectural graduate)

    “The Droste effect is a specific kind of recursive picture, one that in heraldry is termed mise en abyme. An image exhibiting the Droste effect depicts a smaller version of itself in a place where a similar picture would realistically be expected to appear. This smaller version then depicts an even smaller version of itself in the same place, and so on. Only in theory could this go on forever; practically, it continues only as long as the resolution of the picture allows, which is relatively short, since each copy geometrically reduces the picture's size. It is a visual example of a strange loop, a self-referential system of instancing which is the cornerstone of fractal geometry”.

    With this piece the audience participates within the effect and is forced into the recursive picture, or in this case, the recursive space.

    This recursive space is registered through your senses, you inhabit the space, and it is real. Yet here you can also look at it and into it. Within in it you can see it. Scale, space and time are briefly altered as you become part of the effect.

    You inhabit the First,

    You look at the Second,

    Through the window you see the Third.

  • MARIA CLEARY(designer/maker)
    MARIA CLEARY (designer/maker)

    Maria Cleary has freelanced as a Brisbane based designer for more than 25 years. Maria offers a strong background in theatrical and cultural event design and production, and has a particular interest in and knowledge of fashion, costume and textile design.

    Around 1997, Maria began to combine her theatrical experience with the world of exhibition design for museums and related cultural organisations.

    She formed a proprietary company in 1999, and since that time has continued to provide diverse design, production and project management services to the arts, government and community organisations, education and advertising.

    RALPH BARNETT(art director)
    RALPH BARNETT (art director)

    By day Ralphie is one of Brisbane’s most awarded Art Directors in the commercial world of Advertising but by night for the last 10 years he’s been capturing environmental portraits from all over the globe. 
His images have received both national and international awards and have been selected in major exhibitions including the Moran Prize and recently the 2011 Cannes International Advertising Festival.
 Always on the lookout for interesting characters, Ralphie has spent years walking, watching and chatting to complete strangers in interesting places.

    Peace, Love and Understanding. MARIA CLEARY (designer/maker) + RALPH BARNETT (art director)

    “Once upon a time lived three little pigs called Peace, Love and Understanding. When war broke out in 2010, millions of Angry Birds took to the skies forcing all three pigs into exile where they lie and wait for peace to return.”

    Inspired by the lyrics of Nick Lowe, mobile gaming and the graphic art of Shepherd Fairey, the result is a collaboration between one artist who worked exclusively on a computer and the other who worked exclusively by hand.

    Paint on etched stainless steel.
    Thanks to ALLIMAGES for their support in the creation of this work.

  • RIKI SALAM(indigenous artist)
    RIKI SALAM (indigenous artist)

    Continuing to explore the beauty of art, design and storytelling in the Indigenous space Riki has developed a series of artworks that speak of belonging, heritage, identity and the triumph of the human spirit. 

    Born and raised in Cairns, Riki’s father is a Torres Strait man from Moa Island (St Pauls), his mother is a Maori woman, Ngai Tahu  from Kai Poi, near Christchurch in New Zealand. 

    Riki has over 13 years of experience in Indigenous communications previously working for Balarinji Studio in Sydney before joining Gilimbaa as Creative Director at the start of 2010. He works with anything he can get his hands on (pen and ink, gouache on paper, and with acrylic paints, computer, clay, paper) to best communicate and promote, programs, projects, products and culture, exploring concepts of traditional culture in a contemporary format.

    STEVE MINON(copywriter)
    STEVE MINON (copywriter)

    Steve Minon began his career as a copywriter at George Patts when the long lunch of the 1980’s was just winding up. It was the end of the era of the jingle and the beginning of a new era - visual advertising. Since then, his work has given a nod to both eras, through quirky visual ideas that are also catchy and musical. His campaigns have won many local, national and international awards. Some of his ideas have gone one better, making an impact on popular culture. Like the Afro Man he created for Treasury Casino in 2000 (costume shops still stock look-a-like outfits) and later on, the all-singing, all-dancing bogan from the All Night Long commercial he wrote for Jupiters Casino. In 2001, Steve co-founded the Brisbane ad agency Junior. Under his creative direction, the quirky, musical, visually-exciting and above all grass-roots-popular work continued. He has since left Junior and intends to open a gyoza bar this year, but true to form his swan song was a popular success. The campaign for safe sex, titled “Rip & Roll” which he collaborated on became an internet sensation when it was removed from public view. The resulting controversy attracted 100000 people in one day to a supporters page and millions of dollars of free media to the cause, including a tweet by the touring diva, Kylie Minogue.

    Three Storms RIKI SALAM (indigenous artist) + STEVE MINON (copywriter)

    Once there was a mother pig who had three feral pigs. She didn’t have enough to keep them so she sent them off to find their fortune.

    It wasn’t long before the first feral pig got busy sowing the plains with wheat so he could build a house of straw.

    Just after the house was built, along came a dingo. He was worried about the vast fields of wheat. He knocked at the door of the feral pig’s house and called, “Feral pig, feral pig, let me come in!”

    But the pig answered, “No, no. Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!”

    Then the dingo said, “Fair enough, brother. I’ll wait for the weather to huff and puff and blow your house in.” 

    Meanwhile the second feral pig got busy logging the forest to build a house of sticks.

    Just after the house was built, along came the dingo. He was worried about the vast empty forest. He knocked at the door of the feral pig’s house and said, “Feral pig, feral pig, let me come in.”

    But the feral pig answered, “No, no! Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!”

    Then the dingo said, “Fair enough, brother. I’ll wait for the weather to huff and puff and blow your house in.”

    Meanwhile the third feral pig got busy mining in his quarry so he could build a house of bricks. 

    Just after the house was built, along came the dingo. He was worried about the vast car park of bricks. He knocked at the door of the feral pig’s house and said, “Feral pig, feral pig, let me come in.”

    But the feral pig answered, “No, no. Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!”

    Then the dingo said, “Fair enough, brother. I’ll wait for the weather to huff and puff and blow your house in too.”

    materials used:
    Clay, Stone, Coloured Beads, Perspex, Grass, Acrylic paint, Wood, Sand and Shells.

  • Sponsor: Queensland Government
  • Sponsor: Bendaware
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  • Sponsor: Josephmark
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  • Seven With Another: Second Edition
  • RUSSELL (aka. Sofles)(graffiti artist)
    RUSSELL (aka. Sofles) (graffiti artist)

    One of the biggest names in Modern Graffiti Art and the undisputed king of style, Sofles is arguably one of the most recognized and respected aerosol artists to emerge in recent years. With countless sell out shows under his belt, this man knows how to impress audiences around the world and continues to be a dominant force in the street art scene. From large scale commercial work to tattoos, Sofles works over many mediums and is always looking to explore new ones.

    His work can be seen on or

    ALEXANDER LOTERSZTAIN(furniture designer)
    ALEXANDER LOTERSZTAIN (furniture designer)

    Alexander Lotersztain was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1977, he graduated from Design at Griffith University QCA in 2000. He is director of Derlot Pty. Ltd., a multi-disciplinary studio focusing on projects including product, furniture, branding, hotel design, interior design and art direction with clients both nationally and internationally. Cleints include IDEE-Sputnik/Japan, Planex/Australia, SIGG/Switzerland, COVO/Italy, Asahi/Japan, Mizuno/Japan UFL/New Zealand, Escofet/Spain, S&G/Australia, Nestle/Switzerland, Queensland Art Gallery and the design of the first Design Hotels, Hotel in Australia; The Limes Hotel in Brisbane. Derlot Editions is co-brand of derlot and produces a range of australian made furniture and lighting for the contract and domestic markets and distributed Had participated in international exhibitions with Sputnik, Designers Block London, Tokyo, Milano, New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Moscow and of his products is part of the design Collection at the Pompidou Museum in Paris. Mr. Lotersztain recently won the Inaugural Queensland Premier Smart State Designer of the Year Fellowship Award 2010. He was name one of 100 most influential top designer worldwide in &fork by Phaidon, top "10" most influential faces in Design by Scene Design Quarterly 2007 and top 10 of 100 Young Brightest Australian Achievers Bayer/Bulletin Award. Has won many awards in both product and interior design and his work has appeared in design journals around the world. Alexander is also part of the "Smart State Design Council" for the Queensland Government in Australia, drafting the Smart State design Strategy for 2020.

    SECOND RUSSELL (aka. Sofles) (graffiti artist) + ALEXANDER LOTERSZTAIN (furniture designer)

    Our concept revolves around the pressures society puts on the idea of first place being the best and the association that “second” place never quite makes the cut.

    Always second best aims to glorify and uplift the idea of second place,  second meaning the opportunity of bettering ourselves and striving, always knowing we’ll have a second chance if at first we don’t succeed.

    Second keeps us on our toes, keeps us working oppose to firstin which the only way is down.

    So this is for all the peeps that came second and in our eyes are still the best!

  • REM BRUIJN(copywriter)
    REM BRUIJN (copywriter)

    Rem is one of Brisbane’s most respected Advertising practitioners.

    Recipient of the 2006 Pure Cream Award as well as BAD Best of Show for 4 years consecutively, Rem has received the highest Creative and Effectiveness accolades possible in Brisbane, in addition to multiple national and international awards.

    Famous and much loved campaigns Rem has authored include Brisbane Marketing’s ‘Sleepy little town’ campaign and RACQ’s ‘We’ll help you wherever we can’. RACQ’s ‘We reward your maturity’ TVC for Over 55’s discounts was selected by comedian Glenn Robbins to appear on ‘The Panel’ as an example of what he considered a great ad. The phrase “Charter boat? What charter boat?” has appeared on bumper stickers not commissioned by the client.
    Importantly... Rem can balance drinks on the back of his head… plus dogs like him.

    ANA DIAZ(fashion designer)
    ANA DIAZ (fashion designer)

    Ana Díaz’ interest has always been in creating; be it clothing, jewellery, books, and other crafts, she has always sought to use both her hands and logical mind to problem solve any number of projects.

    Ana found her true calling in fashion, an avenue through which she could express the contrasts of the erratic, irrational, and sensible, practical facets of her personality. Like many creatives, her unending dedication is the glue that holds both sides of her brain together.

    Ana’s graduate collection, entitled hybrid, was an exploration of the contrasts between the complexity of nature yet the simplicity of its beauty, with a colour palette based on blooming desert wildflowers.

    In 2011, Ana will be launching her label, Díaz, after her participation in the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival National Graduate Showcase.

    In 2011, Ana will be launching her label, Díaz, after being selected as a finalist in the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival National Graduate Showcase and being invited to collaborate in the Sportsgirl collection.

    Second coming REM BRUIJN (copywriter) + ANA DIAZ (fashion designer)

    The Rapture, where the faithful come to meet Jesus in the sky, was prophesized to begin May 21, 2011. It continues now, and will do so until the Apocalypse on October 21, 2011. Or so Google says the Bible says.
    We chose the subject because we felt there was energy in it. It deals with people’s fundamental belief systems. The things that are most important, that we perhaps think about the least. The timing of Apocalypse/Second Coming prophecy, teamed with building hysteria about this prophecy having a causal relationship to recent world events, further added to its energy and its fun to explore.

    Looking around at people, we enjoyed the thought that Jesus could already be amongst us and making arguments as to why each person could plausibly be Jesus based on characteristics attributed to him in biblical texts. So our idea became to photograph plausible Jesuses (or is that Jesi?) and then to record people’s thoughts on which one was the most plausible to them, and why.

    Our whole approach was to ‘front up’ and accept what was put before us. No make-up, no studios. We just hit people up in the street and asked them to participate; to either be photographed as they stepped out that day, or respond candidly to the images put before them. Which was quite a leap of faith in itself. But ultimately worthwhile we think. We discovered both atheists and Christians shared a commonality; deep suspicion of anyone coming up to them wanting to talk about Jesus. There were no exceptions. But eventually they seemed to be happy to collaborate with us.

    We thought it was a fun idea. However, having an idea and bringing it to life are two different things. Particularly when what we had envisioned had so many components – the screen, the visuals, the writing, the sound - that all needed to be created specifically for this project. And it’s here that we realized that we would need to take the whole collaboration thing to another level. So we enlisted the help of some talented friends with the specific artistic skill to realize our idea.

    So a big thank you to Rich Wang (Photographer), Jesse Richardson (Graphic Designer) and Mark McDuff (Composer/Sound Designer) for your collaboration.

    Seven + 4 others, you might say :)

  • TARA SIMMONS(singer/songwriter)
    TARA SIMMONS (singer/songwriter)

    Tara is a songwriter, cellist, pianist and producer currently in the
    process of recording her sophomore album. She is best known for her
    self sample based beats and obscurely produced indie pop music. Tara
    has been a Triple J Oz Music Month 'Next Crop' artist and has
    performed both originals and arrangements in multiple shows with post
    classical quintet and Brisbane Powerhouse residents Topology. As well
    as performing shows across Australia, Tara has begun to take her music
    to overseas audiences, most recently showcasing her work at the City
    Showcase in New Zealand.

    JENNIFER HILLHOUSE(graphic designer)
    JENNIFER HILLHOUSE (graphic designer)

    Jennifer Hillhouse is a Brisbane based freelance graphic designer and illustrator. She studied Communication Design with honours at Queensland College of Art and was awarded a scholoarship to work at the Museum of Brisbane (MOB) during her honors year.

    She has worked with Josephmark, Gillimbaa, Digital Deli and has freelanced in Brisbane for the past 3 years. While taking a year off travelling she had a short stint working in the Norwegian film industry, where she made sandwiches, blocked roads during long cold windy nights, picked a whole field of it’s daisy’s and decided she preferred design and illustration!

    Whilst Jennifer works primarily as a graphic designer, her style is highly illustrative and vibrant. Influenced by story-book illustrations, Jennifer’s work is usually photography based, piecing together travelling photos,textures and illustrations into new works. She has also been enjoying the process of lino colour-reduction work for the last year. Animals and nature are consistant themes seen in Jennifer’s work.

    Bat of an eye TARA SIMMONS (singer/songwriter) + JENNIFER HILLHOUSE (graphic designer)

    When working through concepts for our artwork we both loved the idea of ‘bat of an eye’ as a duration of time and wanted to use it as a place to start. After much discussion about eye’s, music, seconds, bats, brisbane and motion we thought it would be interesting to re-jig the phrase a little. 

    We decided it would be a fun idea for it to be a 2 part exercise, again tying back into the exhibition theme “Second”. Rather than working with the idea of the movement itself, Tara trekked into the brisbane dusks to sample actual bats going about their normal batty lives. She then set about trying to manipulate their sound to the point it would turn into another noise. The next step of the work, without Tara’s influence, was for Jennifer to interpret the sound track and create an illustration based on her initial thoughts of the piece.

    After a first listen to the track, feeling that the noise was empty and cold, Jennifer did the trekking and sent herself off to a friends country house in Allora, Qld. The barren bush landscape along with Tara’s manipulated bat noises all influenced the illustration. The result, a night beast wreaking havoc on unsuspecting country villages, a thing of myths and storybooks. Enjoy, listen and look.  

  • DAMIEN BREDBERG(photographer)
    DAMIEN BREDBERG (photographer)

    Brisbane photographer, Damien Bredberg is recognized as one of Australia's youngest and awarded full photographic agencies, specializing in Advertising, Commercial, Property, People and Corporate Photography. His team of producers, retouchers and assistents uphold the company's reputation by endlessly achieving quality results within these markets.

    Without a doubt, Damien's ability to perform and create under pressure continues to amuse his clients, and more often than not, his unique style is just proof how comfortable he really is behind the camera.

    In addition to a host of international and national awards and many coveted magazine covers, Damien has achieved his Double Master of Photography (M. Photog) from the AIPP - and is one of Australia's youngest photographers to hold such a prestigious title.

    PETEY MAJIK(magician)
    PETEY MAJIK (magician)

    Petey Majik born and bred in hometown Brisbane is known as Australia’s slickest ‘Street Magician’. Inspired by the undisputed legend David Blaine, Petey delivers a blend of magic that is pure straight up and in your face. He uses no smoke or mirrors to justify answers for his performance. With a delivery like no other, the league of close-up extreme magic is his own.

    The street is the stage, the admission charge is free, the props are ordinary to borrowed items, and the best part... The magic happens in your hands. This was the genesis of where he started and where he developed his skills and trained to become the professional performing artists you see now.

    Today, Petey performs at countless corporate functions from trade shows, to product launches and end of year Xmas functions just to name a few. Private showcases, like birthdays, weddings, VIP night clubs and other events are also the norm.  After picking up a deck of cards in July 2004, things only progressed from there.  Petey grew as a performer taking part in different styles of performances like theatrical, drama, miming, fire breathing and eating, MC-ing, hosting, acting in short films and performance workshops.

    Petey has been a regular favourite for many big events like Brisbane’s Royal Show Ekka, Evolution Muay Thai Kickboxing events, Nundah Street Festival, Valley Fiesta and many more... He has developed a warm intriguing relationship with his clients, his shows and performances are always new, fresh, customised and catered to the function in which gives him the repeat booking from those clients over the years.

    He has also appeared on various TV spots but one of the biggest highlights of his career was meeting new performers in which he has worked with and created new shows mixing the different arts together. Petey is part of a production called ‘Spicy Chicken’ which is a mixture of Mime, Magic and Fire. Working with a 25 year experienced multi-mime artist Frans Vogels, Petey has learnt the art of mime and different forms of body language delivery. He is currently performing his hit show in which is accompanied by his second half Dr. Rhythm (Pro Beatboxer), in a show they call ‘THE MAJIK BOX’ a combination of Street Majik and Beatboxing.

    Petey is constantly working on new show concepts and incorporating the Magic into.  At the end of the day, magic is a factor of our curiosity... Simply describing it cannot do the justice of amazement... It has to be experienced...

    There is a thin line between ‘life and death’, ‘dreams and reality’, ‘truth and deceit’, magic blurs that line...

    This is why Petey loves doing what he does best... ‘Street Magic’

    The joker DAMIEN BREDBERG (photographer) + PETEY MAJIK (magician)

    An image two ways!

    This experience will take you on an emotional and physical encounter simultaneously. The power of the mind will take a negative image and transform it into a positive image - full of detail using only your mind as magic, whilst still being the same image.
    The mind will challenge your perception and the ability to see the same image two ways.
    It begs the question, is what we see, what we really see?

    An image before you is displayed in a unique way in which when focused correctly, you will not only see something amusing but you will unleash your inner emotions of expressing the corners of your mouth in an upward motion with teeth exposed in what we call… A smile.

    To see the Joker illusion in perfection, follow these steps –
    1. Stare at the red dot in the centre of the image for approximately 30 seconds
    2. Quickly divert your eyes at the blank white frame to the right
    3. If at first you don’t see, try blinking as fast as possible or keep your eyes closed with your head tilted back

    ....and the celebrity will be revealed.

  • HANA RAJKOVIC(fine artist)
    HANA RAJKOVIC (fine artist)

    I was born in Belgrade, Serbia and have spent my childhood and teenage years between Belgrade and Rovinj, small town on Croatian Adriatic coast. I got my degree in painting at the Belgrade’s Faculty of Fine Arts in 2002, and an MA degree in painting in 2006. Since 2009 I live and work in Brisbane QLD.

    Although I have never quit painting in the past nine years, my focus has strongly been concentrating on drawing. This long lasting passion has led me to a creating large number of works through which I defined my own artistic expression and language using only a pencil on a paper as a medium.

    I have exhibited my works at numerous exhibitions in my home country, internationally and now in Australia. French curator Loran Hegyi has included my drawings in two of his exhibitions: Micro-narratives held in Belgrade in 2007 and Micro-narratives Temptation of Small Realities held in Museum of Modern Art in Saint Etienne, France in 2008. Same year I have been an artist in residence at Cite’ Internationale des Arts in Paris. In 2010 my drawings were included in the Viewing Program of the NYC Drawing Center. Linden Postcard show at the Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts in Melbourne has awarded me with the first prize for my painting in 2010.

    My artworks are part of City of Belgrade art collection, as well as the Telenor Serbian contemporary art collection.

    TORI GARRETT(film director)
    TORI GARRETT (film director)

    After a short stint as an Advertising copywriter for Bryce Courtenay in Sydney, Tori Garrett spent 10 years as a television writer, producer and director before making the move into full time drama and tvc directing. As Senior Director for MTV in Sydney, Tori interviewed every major visiting artist of the time, directed and live cut multi-camera OBs and wrote and produced the MTV Rockumentary series. Directing live afternoon shows for Nickelodeon in London and interactive animation for Cartoon Network UK kicked off her London career in film and television. As Creative Director of Film Four in London, Tori ran a team of directors and producers, while, designing, producing and directing full station positioning and identity for what became the most awarded channel in Europe during her leadership.

    Since then, Tori formed Two Little Indians back in Australia in 2002, Tori’s combination of visual style and flair with young talent has been in great demand with advertising clients in Australia and overseas. Working through Sudest in Vietnam and Saville Pictures in Los Angeles, she is one of the busiest commercial directors in the country and is known for combining beautiful pictiures with natural performances, particularly children.
    In 2006, Tori won best director for her first short ‘The Barrows’ (winning against fellow nominee’s Spike Jonze, Neil Bolmkamp and Gwyneth Paltrow) at the Creative Magazine “No Spot” film festival in New York. The film also achieved Best Director nominations at Equinox and Canberra. In the same year, she directed all the live action sequences for PS Trixie, the multi-platform drama produced by Emmy award winning Hoodlum-active for Yahoo7.

    Tori continued to receive more awards for her direction on ‘The Barrows’, winning Best Director at the Australian Directors Guild in Oct 2007 shortly followed by Best Director at the Homebrewed Film Festival. Most recently Tori was awarded The Int'l Fest of Cinema and Technology 2008 Tour award for Best Drama and Best Female Director.

    She is currently in pre production on her first feature film `Box’, and is in post production on her block of episodes of a new, edgy Australian teen drama `SLIDE’ for Playmaker and Hoodlum Productions for FOX 8. TORI is slated to direct series 2 in 2012.

    Second reality HANA RAJKOVIC (fine artist) + TORI GARRETT (film director)

    Our works stem from the idea that a second eye may not necessarily
    see the same thing in an image as the first eye.

    We were interested to see what happened when an image captured by a person from one cultural background, was given a second pass by another person from a vastly different cultural background. How would this affect the meaning of the image as a whole?

    We were also interested to see how illustration and photography, which normally stand alone, can work together to create a unique image, which stands alone as a sum of its 2 parts. An image with a `second reality’…

    Although we have worked in a traditional 2d world – the fine layer of illustrations by Hana Rajkovic, have given a strange new (almost 3d) perspective to the landscape and interior photographs of Tori Garrett.

    To start off our creative process , Hana chose 8 photographs from a body of work Tori has captured over the last year together with shots captured specifically for this exhibition . Tori’s photography is a study of highly graphic shapes in otherwise ordinary settings. Hana selected landscapes and interiors that were very close to her own artistic sensibility – where she deals with atmosphere, energy and empathy
    with human spaces.

    Hana works with graphite pencil. Tori works with a Canon 5D DSLR Camera and prime lenses.

    Work is for sale. Price on application.

  • BEN NOVAKOVIC(programmer)
    BEN NOVAKOVIC (programmer)

    Ben is a user interface developer with a strong focus on translating backend technology with front end usability. Has currently works for We Are Hunted as the resident JS & iPhone developer and in his spare time works on the hugely popular lightweight mobile twitter client, Mobile Tweete which he founded in 2008. He is passionate about integrating highly technical backend systems into functional web/mobile frontends.

    Ben has a Bachelor of Science (IT) with a Multimedia major; and wrote his final honours thesis on the server implications of migrating to a long polling technique of real time data retrieval for web frontends whilst keeping server load at a minimum. He uses the research from his thesis on a daily basis as the web is gradually becoming more interactive.

    With a strong background is server-side languages & a keen eye for design; Ben appreciates both sides of product development & focuses on bringing the best experience to the user.

    DANIEL CLIFFORD(sculptor)
    DANIEL CLIFFORD (sculptor)

    As a Lead Designer in UAP’s studio, Daniel directs the conceptual development of art and design projects and collaborates with the Documentation Team, Project Managers and Fabricators to see it through to completion. Daniel’s education and professional experience in sculpture, Glass Art and Critical Theory provide a unique approach to the creation of UAP’s public artworks. Prior to working with UAP, Daniel maintained his own studio arts practice and garnered a number of high profile awards such as the Norsewear art award for glass and the Tokyo Craft Japanese residency. He was adjunct professor in 3-dimensional design and critical theory for Wanganui UCOL and also has guest lectured in art and design at various universities and Polytechnics throughout New Zealand.

    SECOND BEN NOVAKOVIC (programmer) + DANIEL CLIFFORD (sculptor)

    In Paris 1919, Marcel Duchamp emptied a pharmacist’s ampoule and then sealed it again once air had replaced the original contents. Accordingly Duchamp labeled this piece ‘Paris Air’.

    What is striking about Paris Air is that the seemingly empty container held exactly 50cc of air. Through the use of identification and measurement an unseen and transparent volume was given form.

    Breathing is a term given to the filling and emptying of lungs. This is termed ‘expiration’ and ‘inspiration’. The term ‘second breath’ makes reference to the second breath after birth. It is with this breath that one uses the full capacity of their lungs for the first time.

    Taking the basic premise of the readymade, the essential blankness of air, and a full capacity of breath, Novakovic and Clifford embarked on their collaborative project.

    Housed within a simple framework that utilizes factory standard dimensions each viewer is asked to place a disposable tube into a slot and breathe through this. The tube is connected to a series of sensors that measure and quantify elements within a person’s breath. Metrics such as temperature, volume and capacity and alcohol content are interpreted through a specific made computer program that then represents your ‘sample’ upon the screen framed within the ceiling.

    The end result is an interactive visualization of the current occupants of the room that describes and quantifies group traits as an ever shifting movement of colour and form.

  • JAMES RUSSELL(architect)
    JAMES RUSSELL (architect)

    The tropics and sub-tropics allow us a great freedom in architecture that is not possible in many parts of the world.

    The architecture can be reduced to a minimal shelter allowing us to enjoy and experience our environment. A shelter can often be as simple as a roof to shield the summer sun or a wall to protect from winter winds. Experience derived from a building, which allows you to interact with the environment, outweighs the occasional discomfort that might occur by not having “complete control” of the environment. We encourage the occupant to interact with the environment and surrounding neighbourhood. Control of the environment is through building orientation, plan and section, insulation and adjustable skins, rather than air-conditioning. There is an awareness of climate that comes from this approach and a heightened experience and appreciation of the environment around us. Skins can be changed to suit conditions. The skins are often low tech and require the occupant to move or adjust them manually. Mechanical means of controlling the climate are kept to a minimum. Often our projects have a single “retreat space” that can be used on those rare occasions when the building struggles with a hot summer day or a winter night.

    COLIN RENSHAW(visual fx)
    COLIN RENSHAW (visual fx)

    Colin was born in Brisbane, but soon relocated to Adelaide where he spent his formative years. Having a clear passion for all things creative, an early venture into music saw Colin and his band The Egg, sign with Mushroom records. When the band split in 1993, Colin turned to post production.

    After working overseas for many years, Colin returned to Sydney where he worked at some of Australia's best CVFX houses including Animal Logic. Colin’s CV list some of Australia’s most impressive and memorable television commercials collaborating with some of Australia's most respected Directors.

    SECOND JAMES RUSSELL (architect) + COLIN RENSHAW (visual fx)

    One person:
    On our own we can achieve things but memory is short.

    Second person:
    With another, the journey is reward. 
    Interaction, stimulation, discussion and life across generations. 
    Our blood runs through other veins and starts life of it’s own.
    We follow the life of one person and with another.

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  • Seven With Another: First Edition
  • LUKE PENDERGAST(architect)
    LUKE PENDERGAST (architect)

    Luke Pendergast grew up in the Gold Coast’s hinterland before moving to Brisbane to begin an Architecture degree in 2001 at University of Queensland. A two year stint in Germany, working and studying architecture and German has helped shape his aesthetic and social intentions. Luke graduated in 2007 and has since worked at Architectural Practice Academy and currently with Riddel Architecture. He continues tutoring design, sustainable technology and construction at both architecture schools and has twice travelled to Papua New Guinea in recent years to partake in Aid and research projects.

    Luke is a registered architect, co-organiser of Pechakucha Night Brisbane and chair of the Australian Institute of Architect’s Queensland chapter of the Emerging Architects and Graduates Network.

    MONIQUE KNEEPKENS(graphic designer)
    MONIQUE KNEEPKENS (graphic designer)

    Monique Kneepkens is a Dutch designer, art-director and illustrator. Growing up loving the dutch design culture, she studied at the Academy for Art-Direction in Amsterdam and the Royal School of Arts in The Hague. Since her move to Australia 7 years ago she has worked inside several design studios and advertising agencies in both Australia and New Zealand, and has worked freelance for direct clients, agencies and studios.

    She is committed to design excellence and views each project as a new challenge. Her designs are organic, illustrative and above all she has a very conceptual approach to design. In the last few years Monique has enjoyed a good amount of exposure in numerous publications. Her work also became first Runner Up in the Type and Illustration Category of the 2010 Create Awards, was featured in IdN magazine, and was selected for the Communication Arts Typography annual 2011.

    Besides her commercial artwork, Monique has been the head of the BAD student committee for two years, has guest mentored several terms at Design College Australia and together with Jessica Huddart she is now the force behind Seven With Another.

    First LUKE PENDERGAST (architect) + MONIQUE KNEEPKENS (graphic designer)

    Whether it’s your first day in school, your first kiss, your first job, your first public speech or the first time you had sex... every ‘first’ experience is a step into the unknown. Whereas some ‘first’ experiences will enter our life without warning – like being mugged, other times we know that an awaited experience will take place and the anticipation of the unknown can be nerve wrecking and daunting;

    This piece is a collection of first experiences. We chose two familiar mediums; handwritten text and a traditional high-waisted door leaf.

    These elements come together in a welcoming union and are legible only within close proximity to the stories, like sharing a secret with a friend. They hover over the ground, as a metaphor for firsts, change and the new experiences one has to enter. It is an attempt at artistic informality that encourages one to stop and read.

    But this door doesn’t stop at its own flat existence; it creates an impression of what lies beyond, it shows us depth and perspective and encourages one to enter their own firsts confidently.

  • SKEET BOOTH(photographer)
    SKEET BOOTH (photographer)

    Skeet Booth has been a photographer working primarily in the field of advertising since 1987. Best known for his portraits of people on the fringes of society, he has won awards in Australia and abroad and worked for clients and advertising agencies too numerous to mention. His other interests include dress-ups, reading and mucking around.

    TONY POWELL(sculptor)
    TONY POWELL (sculptor)

    Diploma in Construction Technology and Surveying -UK 1970.

    Tony was born and educated in the U.K. and trained as an engineering surveyor prior to becoming involved in the performing arts in 1972. Tony designed, constructed and toured stage shows, world wide, during the 1970’s.

    After relocating to Australia in 1980 he was employed as an engineering surveyor in the construction of draglines for the coal industry. In 1987 / 88, Tony was engaged by the Entertainment Division of World Expo ‘88 to manage the design, construction and logistics of the daily parades.

    Tony Powell’s own company, Planet Productions Pty Ltd was set up in 1989 and continues to design, light, artwork, animate, sculpt and construct for display, advertising, fine architecture and the arts.

    Which came first? SKEET BOOTH (photographer) + TONY POWELL (sculptor)

    The chicken or the egg?

  • NEIL DAVIDSON(product designer)
    NEIL DAVIDSON (product designer)

    I am the Design Manager for CMD Product Design & Innovation where my scope of work covers all aspects of design management; from style, innovation, function and product life cycle through to user safety.

    I started my career as a CMD intern while completing a Graduate Diploma of Industrial Design at Queensland University of Technology. I have gone on to professionally grow with the company and now help manage CMD's large design team. A career standout for me involved the design of the 2005 Cox Stockman Tractor.
    The Stockman was well received in the Lawn Tractor market and went on to receive an Australian Design Award of the Year Nomination, an Australian Design Award and a Powerhouse Selection Award.

    Outside of CMD, I am a Senior Lecturer of Design for Manufacturing and Manufacturing Technology at the Queensland University of Technology In 2007 I formed part of the Dyson Design Award Judging Panel. Last month I was a top ten finalist in the Qantas Young Designer of the year awards for 2010.

    Recreationally, I enjoy four-wheel driving, camping, off-road motorcycle riding whilst my favourite sport is Rugby Union. My other interests range from learning about new technology, reading Science Fiction to art and travelling. Leonardo Da Vinci, Raymond Lowey, Syd Mead and the great motorcycle designers such as Massimo Tamburini and Mitsuyoshi Kohama are inspirational designers for me.

    JOYCE HO(motion designer)
    JOYCE HO (motion designer)

    Having majored in Animation whilst studying Fine Arts at QUT, Joyce went on to freelance for a wide range of clients and agencies before bringing her talents to Breeder.

    Her expertise in motion design includes comprehensive knowledge of animating, motion tracking and compositing, as well as an in-depth familiarity with animation workflows and editing solutions.

    Fifths of a First NEIL DAVIDSON (product designer) + JOYCE HO (motion designer)

    It seemed an almost absurd idea to combine something as corporeal as industrial design with something intangible like motion design. But Fifths of a First is a collaboration that typifies classic, simple industrial design, while encompassing the very origins of animation.

    The motifs on the candles, of a goat leaping up to nip at a tree, were the first recorded depiction of figures in motion. This image sequence was found on an earthen bowl in Iran almost 5,200 years ago. In the artwork, the motifs were laser cut onto aluminium to tie us back into the modern era. While the candle design itself is practical in its simplicity, which embodies classic industrial design. The candlelight is intrinsically motion design, in that light is a fundamental element that underpins all modern motion work. From inventions like The Magic Lantern to old school film projectors, light is an important aspect in displaying motion. The natural flicker of the candles also gives the product design some subtle movement.

    Ultimately, the artwork invokes a feeling of homely and a connection to the past. It is one that offers a link from classic ideas of both industrial and motion design, to its audience. Fifths of a First proves the idea to combine tangible with the intangible, was not as crazy as once thought.

    “If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”
    ~ Albert Einstein

  • SANDRA HIND(writer)
    SANDRA HIND (writer)

    Sandra Hind (aka ‘she hoopla’) is a copywriter well known for her creative and on-strategy writing. Co-owner, copywriter and receptionist at boutique advertising agency, the hoopla family, she started working in advertising close to 16 years ago (almost predating email). She has worked extensively in both Brisbane and London writing everything from TV ads to web banners for brands including Triumph International, Procter & Gamble, Spicers Retreats, Hotels and Lodges, British Gas, Brisbane Writers Festival, Yellow Pages, QueensPlaza, Tourism Queensland, The Courier-Mail, Queensland Transport, Golden Casket and the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF).

    EMMA SHELDRAKE(fine artist)
    EMMA SHELDRAKE (fine artist)

    Hailing from an artistic family, Emma Sheldrake has worked across a wide range of creative industries. Bold, striking, spontaneous and captivating, Emma's works reflect the fact that painting liberates her passion and energy. Em's signature style drips with seductive intent, blending figurative art with the mischievousness of Pop Art and the subtleties of eroticism. Bold colour combinations, daring brush strokes, irreverent drips and enticing eyes define the power of her images to seduce the onlooker. Largely influenced by her experiences in the fashion industry, her works are commentaries on how beauty is reflected in the media, its mesmeric portrayal and obscured depths.The flawless beauty of her subjects seeps from the pages of stereotyped fashion magazines into an unbound representation of character, rich with personality and evocative imperfections.

    Since her launch, Emma has had works in over eighteen exhibitions throughout Australia and overseas, amongst those, Art Shanghai and Art Sydney. She is fast gaining recognition for her unique style of painting and is now represented by nine galleries Australia wide as well as being sought after internationally. Emma entered the Archibald Prize for the first time in 2009. For 2010, Emma was delighted to paint Australia's much loved comedy trio, The Kransky Sisters.

    First to bed SANDRA HIND (writer) + EMMA SHELDRAKE (fine artist)

    Life is full of important firsts. But we decided not to focus on any of them.

    Instead we were inspired to create a piece of art about the first thing we put on everyday – our underpants. And we decided to use our combined core strengths (painting and writing) as well as experiment with some new ones (photography and installation) to do it.

    From sweet and innocent to saucy and sexy, underpants are the first thing that can set your mood for the day. And if you wear them right, they can lead to some other firsts as well…

  • JESSICA HUDDART(graphic designer)
    JESSICA HUDDART (graphic designer)

    Jess has been a designer since grade 2, where she got extra marks for every page of her maths book having a new typographic heading. Growing up in Melbourne, she was forced to trade the 'culture city' for the big country town, but hasn't looked back (too much) since. Since studying in the sub -20 degree northern parts of Finland as part of her uni degree, Jess has stayed back in this big country town she now calls home and deftly defends from her southern counterparts.

    Joining Josephmark 5 years ago, she's grown and nurtured the design team and has been Creative Director of JM:Studio for the past 2 years. This work includes strategising and designing brands, websites and motion pieces for some of Brisbane’s best clients, including Valley Fiesta, We Are Hunted and Ideas Festival.


    Sarah is a freelance stylist based in Brisbane. Her previous experience has included adventures in the areas of creative editorial, lookbook and runway styling, runway show management and costume department direction for film.

    Sarah’s work has been published in local magazines such as Gutterpress and Hell Yeah! Magazine and she has assisted on editorial for national publications such as Woman’s Day. Sarah’s aesthetic favours recycled and vintage clothing and unique hand crafted designer pieces.

    First Prize JESSICA HUDDART (graphic designer) + SARAH MARION BIRCHLEY (stylist)

    We decided to focus on personal firsts. Quilting, historically, has always marked an important occasion and rosettes have always marked an important achievement. Interested in the idea of exploring personal firsts, we integrated first pairs of jeans, first school uniforms and so on.

    This quilt marks our first collaboration - that experience where we step into the unknown. We think we can see where it’s going, but there are inexperienced struggles along the way. We take a leap into the unknown, a crossing of fingers that it will all work out in the end. And then finally, finally, we can sleep.

  • JUSTIN OVERELL(digital artist)
    JUSTIN OVERELL (digital artist)

    Justin Overell is a designer and digital imaging artist based in Brisbane, who uses a range of media to create dark and beautiful ethereal images which provoke ideas and emotion. Justin has mainly worked with Ad Agencies and photographers for the past 15 years under the moniker ‘ion’, producing artworks which have been used in advertising communication around the world. During that time, Justin has always tried to push his own tilt within these commercial works which has paid off in the way of having his own signature style, something of a feat in the advertising world.

    Justin has been awarded over 40 times in communication and advertising awards, locally and globally within the past 13 years. During this time, Justin has also worked with music artists, producing live visuals for various festivals and events along the east coast of Australia. This is where he explores visual media in a different sense, with the ability to work without the sometimes confined boundaries the advertising world presents.

    JAMES McDOUGALL(sound designer)
    JAMES McDOUGALL (sound designer)

    James McDougall is an architectural model maker by trade and produces various sonic works under his own name and moniker "Entia Non" - both solo and collaborative - released on various labels from various places in the world : Siridisc (UK), Mystery Sea (BEL), Unfathomless (BEL), Taalem (FR), Ripples (IT), SRA (USA), Dataobscura (CDA), Compost and Height (UK), Resting Bell (GR), U-cover (BEL), et al.

    Earth was first 4.1 JUSTIN OVERELL (digital artist) + JAMES McDOUGALL (sound designer)

    Our approach to the ‘First’ was to try and think of how to utilise our professional fields of practice into a piece, although seeming complex, represents something of a very basic concept. We decided to design and build 4 single projection panels and four separate custom built speakers and power them with a 4.1 channel sound system, allowing us to utilise the combined audio and video for each frame separately.

    We then combined the hardware with micro audio field recordings and macro cinematography with contrasting landscape footage into an audio visual score which explores the detail of the elements - Water, Earth, Air and Fire. The four ‘classic’ elements are represented this way in
    the belief that their finest detail are the FIRST most important thing
    in the natural world.

    Duration: 32 minutes

  • DAVID NOVAKOVIC(web developer)
    DAVID NOVAKOVIC (web developer)

    David Novakovic is a coder, specializing in natural language processing, information retrieval and large scale systems. He also loves working in small businesses to help them grow. David spends most of his time working on the back end of and Data excites him, as does sexy code. :)

    STEVEN RHODES(illustrator)
    STEVEN RHODES (illustrator)

    Steven Rhodes is an emerging Brisbane-based artist, illustrator and graphic designer.
    His illustrations evoke a mysterious atmosphere created by a limited, vintage-inspired colour-palette, strange light and far too many full moons. Most of his work is achieved by scanning traditional inked drawings and rendering them digitally to create an ambient dream-like quality.

    The years that Steven spent in his previous career as a landscape architect may help to explain his obsession with the world of nature, a recurring theme in his work. Since graduating Shillington College's graphic design course at the beginning of 2009, Steven has been busy freelancing, honing his design skills and chasing small
    but exquisite dreams.

    Recent milestones include having work published in Wooden Toy Quarterly, becoming a member of the Just Another Agency artist collective and having a t-shirt design selected on

    First DAVID NOVAKOVIC (web developer) + STEVEN RHODES (illustrator)

    To explore the concept of “first” we decided to consult the greater social web. David built an engine to process tweets off Twitter.

    Over the period late november and early december the engine analysed any tweets on twitter containing the word “first.” This provided us with a very large dataset of many thousands and thousands of tweets. Once we filtered out the noise like tweets relating to Justin Bieber, we then found out which concepts were the strongest for each day over this period. These concepts were then used to find related images on the greater web. These images were then used as inspiration for the illustrations drawn.

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